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Welcome to the IAAP Resource Library. The IAAP Resource Library contains a collection of resources and programs that are collected, gathered, and developed by the Organizational Development Committee (ODC). The mission of the ODC is to develop resources and programs by which organizations, corporations and government entities can learn and grow their accessibility strategies so as to increase overall access and opportunities for persons with disabilities. 

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Featured Archived Webinars

IAAP offers live and archived webinars on a variety of topics ranging in skill level and targeted at web developers, educators, policymakers, accessibility professionals, QA, UX developers, and anyone looking to gain more information around accessibility practices and guidelines. All archived webinars are available for purchase on the Archived Webinars webpage. However, we have the following archived webinars available to access for free for a limited time only. Two free archived webinars will be featured monthly, so check back often.

  • Successfully Integrating Web Accessibility in your Organization’s Lifecycle
    Speaker: Denis Boudreau, Web Accessibility Strategist, Simply Accessible

View more information about Successfully Integrating Web Accessibility in your Organization’s Lifecycle.

View this webinar

  • Mobile Accessibility on the Move
    Speaker: Kathy Wahlbin, CEO, Interactive Accessibility

View more information about Mobile Accessibility on the Move

View this webinar.

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Once you submit your resource through the IAAP Resource Submittal Form, the ODC will review and discuss your resource on a monthly basis. Resources can be submitted in the form of a webpage, URL, or as a stand-along document. Please note that all materials submitted must be in an accessible format. Once each resource is reviewed, they will be updated to the library and you will be notified when your material has been published. For questions, please contact odcommittee@accessibilityassociation.org or info@accessibilityassociation.org.

Intellectual Property Disclaimer:
By submitting this form, I acknowledge that the resource or documents shared will be available for members of IAAP and/or the public. I represent to IAAP that I own all right, title and interest to all contents of this resource, or have obtained all appropriate and necessary licenses to use and publish any content with is the intellectual property of anyone else. I authorize IAAP to publish my presentation materials on the IAAP website and IAAP Connections.

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