Maintaining CPACC Certification

IAAP certification is valid for 3 years. Every three years, certificants will be required to:

  • Complete 45 hours of continuing education credits, a portion of which must be offered or approved by IAAP
  • Submit an application for certification renewal.
Individuals do not need to retake any of the exams to maintain their certification unless they allow their certification to lapse.

As technologies and professional expectations evolve, these renewal requirements are subject to change.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

The IAAP will offer continuing education units (CEUs) for classes, workshops, webcasts, conference attendance, and other similar IAAP-sponsored activities. The IAAP will implement a process to allow other organizations or individuals to offer IAAP-approved continuing education credits for similar career-enhancing educational opportunities.

Types of Activities that May Qualify for Continuing Education Credits:
  • Attending classes, workshops, webinars, and other educational events about accessibility
  • Preparing or presenting educational materials about accessibility
  • Publishing articles, books, blogs, or other publications about accessibility
  • Mentoring others in accessibility
  • Speaking engagements at IAAP or other approved educational event
  • Volunteer service with IAAP
The IAAP is at the early stages of considering CEU options, so further research and public discussion of the options is necessary before deciding on an official CEU policy.

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