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CPACC Certificants

Congratulations to the new members of the of CPACC community.

March 2016 Certificants:

CB Averitt, Deque Systems, Inc.
Chetan Bakhru, JP Morgan Chase
Aaron Bangor, AT&T
Anthony Buonaspina, My Blind Spot
Sheri Byrne-Haber, McDonalds
Rebecca Cagle, CSUN
Robert Carr, Oklahoma ABLE Tech
Stefani Cuschnir, Deque Systems, Inc.
Jacqueline Dutot, Capella University
Daniel Frank, Wells Fargo Bank, NA
Christine Fundell, CSU San Bernadino
A Geier, Deque Systems, Inc.
Birkir Gunnarson, Deque Systems, Inc.
Seth Hart, Texas Workforce Commission
Jason Hester, AT&T
Matt Isner, Deque Systems, Inc.
Elina Jokisuu, NCR
Jeremy Katherman, USAA
Patrick Kelley, USAA
Todd Liebsch, Deque Systems, Inc.
Paul Luther, AT&T CATO
Leon McNaught, CSU San Bernadino
Glenn Meyer, HP, Inc.
Sam Ogami, HP, Inc.
Rakesh Paladugula, Deque Systems, Inc.
Rosa Padilla, CSU San Bernardino
John Rempel, AMAC at Georgia Tech
Nancy Reyes, HearColors
Kevin Rydberg, Siteimprove
Lori Samuels, My Blind Spot
Thomas Siechert, CSU Fresno
Andrea Skeries, Geonetric
Jean Swart, AT&T
Clifford Tyllick, Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services
Dena Wainwright, Wells Fargo Bank, NA

June/July 2016 Certificants:

Alejandro Alfonzo, Deque Systems, Inc.
Shane Anderson, Optum - UnitedHealth Group
James Armstrong, Optum - UnitedHealth Group
Jonathan Avila, SSB Bart Group
Mark Baker, AudioEye, Inc.
Joann Becker, Perkins School for the Blind
Mary Bellard, Microsoft
David Berman, David Berman Communications
Parker Bettis, AudioEye, Inc.
Kristin Eileen Biondo, Deque Systems, Inc.
Charlie Blevins, AudioEye, Inc.
Timothy Bohman, Deque Systems, Inc.
Glenn Bradford, AT&T
Sean Bradley, AudioEye, Inc.
Lora Budzier, Deque Systems, Inc.
David Caldwell, Barclays
Rocio Calvo, AbilityNet
Jorge Carrillo, Microsoft
Damien Carillo, AudioEye, Inc.
Raphael Clegg-Vinell, AbilityNet
Scott Cooley, Deque Systems, Inc.
Jennie Delisi, State of Minnesota
Donald Evans, Deque Systems, Inc.
Brian Evans, Prudential Financial
Andrew Fang, Deque Systems, Inc.
Adam Finkelstein, AudioEye, Inc.
David Herr, Texthelp
Eric Hind, Fresh Eyes Consulting Limited
Curt Holst, Barclays
Barry Johnson, Deque Systems, Inc.
Alexander Koudry, Cal Poly
Sathish Kumar, Deque Systems, Inc.
Sujasree Kurapati, Deque Systems, Inc.
Mallory Laginess, University of Phoenix
Wen Lai ,Deque Systems, Inc.
Jonee Lee, Deque Systems, Inc.
John Lee, Cal Poly
Matthew Legge, Lloyds Banking Group
Steven Lewis, Cancer Care Ontario
Eugene Malin, Deque Systems, Inc.
Joe Martini, Perkins School for the Blind
Kevin McDaniel, City of Jacksonville
Joy Mohammed, Teranet
John Northup, Deque Systems, Inc.
Aparna Pasi, Deque Systems
Sarah-Jane Peake, Launchpad
Raghavendra Satish Peri,Deque Systems, Inc.
Melanie Philipp, Deque Systems, Inc.
Vani Prasanna, Deque Systems, Inc.
Rupesh Rawat, Microsoft
Stacey Rayos, Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Joy Relton, Deque Systems, Inc.
Laura Renfro, Renfro Consulting
Julie Romanowski, State Farm
Marla Runyan, Perkins School for the Blind
Guillermina (Gail) Sanchez, AT&T
Janet Sedgley, Tessellearn
Damian Sian, Princeton University
Eric Smith, Microsoft
Paul Smyth, Barclays
Lisa Sullivan, Disability Network West Michigan
Sue Thibodeau, T4G Limited
Rajath Tirumangalam, Infosys
Sandeep Tirumangalam, Deque Systems, Inc.
Jatin Vaishnav, Deque Systems, Inc.
Kim Wee, State of Minnesota
Helen White-Knight, Barclays
Michelle Williamson, Mediacurrent

October/November 2016 Certificants:

Nicole Bergstrom, Aivilo Web Solutions, LLC
Taylor Bodnar, audioeye
Peter Bossley, Ohio State University
Karina Boycheva
Cory Cain, AT&T
Joe Chidzik, AbilityNet
Jeffrey Coburn,  Institute for Community Inclusion, UMass Boston
Ashley Cwikla, Harvard University
Suman Damera, Deque Systems, Inc.
Donna Dralus, Grinnell College
Benjamin Ehlers, Strategic Health Solutions
David Fourney, RBC Royal Bank of Canada
Felicia Gray, Bytemark, Inc.
Sean Harrison, audioeye
Aina Irbe, Irbe Learning Strategies
Crystal Jones, Microsoft
Jeff Jones, audioeye
Ryan Jones, VFO Group (Freedom Scientific)
Nakia Keathley, Luxottica Retail
Wing Kuet, Ministry of Community and Social Services (MCSS)
Sudeep Kumar, Microsoft
Susan Maguire
Stella Majcen, AbilityNet
John McGinnis, The Richards Group
Eduardo Meza-Etienne, eSSENTIAL Accessibility
Michelle Michael, Wells Fargo
Sherri Rita, City of Oakland
Margaret Rood, VFO Group (Freedom Scientific)
Walter Stover, University of Michigan
Jaya Krishna Talisetty, Astir IT Solutions 
Kisiah Timmons, Kammoran Marketing, LLC
Synge Tyson, Georgia Tech
David Watson, Stevens Institute of Technology
Lilianna Williams, AbilityNet
Kelly Wills, Cincinnati Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Marc Zablatsky, Ai Squared

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