WAS Certificants

WAS Certificants

Congratulations to the new members of the Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS) community.

Rahim Abdi, The Ohio State University
Mounika Reddy Allam, AudioEye, Inc.
CB Averitt, Deque Systems, Inc.
Christopher Baughman, Red Privet, LLC
James Baverstock, AbilityNet
Mary Bellard, Microsoft
David Berman, David Berman Communications
Parker Bettis, AudioEye, Inc.
Matthew Blake, AMAC Accessibility
Paul Bohman, Deque Systems, Inc.
Peter Bossley, The Ohio State University
Guerman Botten, AbilityNet
David Caldwell, Barclays
Maria del Rocio Calvo Martin, AbilityNet
Jing Cao, New York City Department of Transportation
Miranda Capra, BB&T
Andreas Cederbom, Funka
Srinivasu Chakravarthula, Informatica
Joe Chidzik, AbilityNet
Mir Asadur Chowdhury, Bank of America
Raphael Clegg-Vinell, AbilityNet
Suman Damera, Deque Systems, Inc.
Jennie Delisi, State of Minnesota - Minnesota IT Services (MNIT)
Eamon Doyle, Net Potential
Donald Evans, Wells Fargo
Craig (Akira) Fujita, Perkins School for the Blind
Vivek Gaikwad, Tigerspike FZ LLC
Alejandro Garcia Alfonzo, City of Ottawa
Maria Genitempo, City National Bank
Birkir Gunnarsson, BB&T
Katie Haritos-Shea, Deque Systems, Inc.
Scott Harris, Snap Inc.
Karen Herr, Karsun Solutions
Dan Holbrook, The Nerdery
Curt Holst, Barclays
Jonathan Howarth, BB&T
Joe Humbert, Interactive Accessibility
Trevor Jones, AudioEye, Inc.
Tracy Jordan, Bank of America
Harish Kalaga, AudioEye,Inc.
Ananya Kassahun, AT&T
Jeremy Katherman, USAA
Chris Keroack, Equal Entry, LLC
Cory Klatik, Microsoft
Jessica Korkue, Advance Media NY
Sathish Kumar, Deque Systems, Inc.
Ugurcan Kutluoglu, Scribd Inc.
Miriam Lannes, AudioEye, Inc.
Jamie Layne, Marketnology
Dennis Lembree, Deque Systems, Inc.
Nick Lemmon, BB&T
Thomas Logan, Equal Entry LLC
Christopher Loiselle, Perkins School for the Blind
Victor Loux, AbilityNet
John Lukosky, iSoftStone, Inc.
Kathy Marks, Arizona State University
Shane Martin, Level Access
Jonee Meiser, Deque Systems, Inc.
Neil Milliken, Atos
Priyabrata Mishra, Bank of America
Rosemary Musachio, Ruh Global
Radek Pavlicek, Masaryk University
Raghavendra Satish Peri, Deque Systems, Inc.
Melanie Philipp, Deque Systems, Inc.
Kameshwari Rao, Wipro Technologies
Louis Reed, Citibank (via Collabera)
Bryce Roberts, Emory University
Julie Romanowski, State Farm
Marla Runyan, Athletes With Disabilities Manager at Boston Athletic Association
James Sadler, AudioEye, Inc.
Daniel Schipul, Purchase College State University of New York
Damian Sian, Princeton University
Tom Siechert, California State University Fresno
Zach Sigal, A-2-Z
Reinhard Stebner
Anoosha Reddy Terala, Deque Software Private Ltd.
Kenneth Thompson, AMAC Accessibility
Sandeep Tirumangalam, Deque Systems
Natalie PatriceTucker
Makoto Ueki, Infoaxia, Inc.
David Watson, Stevens Institute of Technology
Kim Wee, State of Minnesota - Minnesota IT Services (MNIT)
Masao Yomoda, Fuji Xerox

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