WAS Frequently Asked Questions

When and where will the exam be offered? 

  • Spring Exam Window is Closed.  Applications for Summer will be accepted starting May 7th.
For those who do use assistive technology, require an accommodation, or would simply like to take advantage of the convenience of a privately proctored exam or hosted exam, details for available locations or how to request a privately proctored exam is available on the Apply to Take a Certification Exam page.

For those who do not use assistive technology or require an accommodation, you can view a list of Kryterion Test Center locations at the following link: http://www.kryteriononline.com/Locate-Test-Center.

What if I can’t make the date the exam is being offered?

During the testing window, you will be able to choose between taking the test at a testing center or completing a proctored exam in one of our sponsored in-person exams for those requesting an accommodation.

How do I prepare for the exam?

The IAAP Certification Committee has developed a number of options to help you prepare for the exam.  They include a certification content outline that lists the topics you’ll be tested on, and the percentages at which those topics will be covered on the exam.  A Body of Knowledge document is provided which outlines the knowledge and intermediate level professional skills expected of candidates.
These options also include training through our Approved Certification Preparation Providers or you can purchase IAAP webinar bundles that cover specific topics you may need to learn more about prior to the exam.  

The WAS credential represents an ability to express technical proficiency for someone with at least an intermediate level of expertise. This exam is not intended for beginners or those without regular hands-on experience in writing, remediating, or identifying accessibility issues in code. Knowledge of HTML programming alone will not provide the background necessary to successfully achieve the WAS credential. Hands-on experience and knowledge of programmatic code elements, WCAG 2.0 standards, and contextual implications for end users of assistive technology are all required. Please ensure that your experience matches these requirements before registering for this exam.

How is the exam structured?

The WAS Exam is 75 multiple-choice questions with four (4) possible responses. Each set of responses has one correct answer, one distractor that is almost correct, and two incorrect responses. Responses are selected by radio-button. 

How long is the exam?

Each IAAP Exam is structured to be completed in two (2) hours unless an accommodation for additional time is requested.

How much does it cost to take the exam?

The WAS exam is offered for $375 for IAAP members and $475 for non-members. The IAAP Developing and Emerging Economies rate is $195. If you qualify for this rate, please contact certification@accessibilityassociation.org to receive your assistive technology exam discounted payment link or a coupon code for Kryterion Test Centers (non-AT) registration. All prices are in USD.

IAAP Membership and Certification applicant qualifications for Emerging & Developing Economies:
  • Must be a citizen of a country on the Qualifying Country List (does not hold dual citizenship with a country that Is not on the list) AND is employed and residing in a country that is on the Qualifying Country list.
  • Someone who is a citizen of a country on the Qualifying Country List (no dual citizenship) and going to school in a country that is not on the list could become a member under the student rate (discounted) and could gain their certification under the Emerging & Developing Country rate.
Download list of Qualifying Countries

Retaking an Exam

Individuals who are not successful the first time taking the WAS exam are eligible to retake the exam at a reduced rate if they retake within one year of the date of the original exam. 

WAS retake exam fees:
Retake WAS Exam - IAAP Member - $215
Retake WAS Exam - Non-Member - $275
Retake WAS Exam - Emerging and Developing Economies - $95 

How do I register?

Each candidate must complete an application to verify your eligibility for the WAS exam. Applications can be found on our Apply to Take a Certification Exam page. Applications should be submitted to certification@accessibilityassociation.org

Registration deadlines vary depending upon the location selected.  See deadline dates for each location on the Certification home page.
All applications will be reviewed and verified by the IAAP Certification Management Team. Eligible candidates will receive a confirmation letter with further instructions regarding registration and payment for your exam.  Please allow 3-5 days processing time after submitting your application.

How is the WAS Exam scored? 

The WAS Exam is a pass/fail exam. There is not a set percentage score or number of questions correct set for the exam.  Each exam test window is evaluated as a group. IAAP does not distribute raw scores. All WAS exam evaluations are provided by a third-party who are exam psychometric professionals

When will I get my results?

Exam results will be sent by email to candidates within four (4) to six (6) weeks from the close of the testing window.

Is the exam offered globally?

The exam is available anywhere in the world via a Kryterion testing center or with a prearranged proctor to oversee the exam administration.

What is the official language of the exam?

The exam and preparation materials are currently offered in English.

I’ve registered for the certification exam but need to cancel. What is your cancellation policy?

The IAAP Certification Team must receive all requests for a cancellation/refund in writing, no less than four business days prior to the scheduled examination date and time.

  • You may email a request for a refund to the IAAP Certification team at certification@accessibilityassociation.org. 
  • Requests for cancellations/refunds may be made only by the exam candidate.
  • Refunds will be issued less a $65 processing fee.


Failure to keep an appointment or canceling an appointment without the appropriate notice (four business days prior to the scheduled appointment) will result in forfeiture of all applicable exam fees.

I would like to change my scheduled appointment within the current exam window. What should I do?

If you have registered for an IAAP Exam and would like to change your appointment, please submit your request in writing to the IAAP Certification team via email at certification@accessibilityassociation.org.

  • Change requests within an exam window must be received more than four business days prior to your current exam appointment and more than one weekin advance of your anticipated new exam administration.  Requests that meet this criteria will not be charged a change fee.
  • Change requests received less than four business days prior to your current exam appointment will incur a $150 change fee. This expense must be paid more than one week in advance of your anticipated new exam administration.

I’ve registered for the exam but would like to take it in a different exam window. How do I do that?

Requests for transferring an examination appointment to a different testing cycle must be submitted to the IAAP Certification team in writing at certification@accessibilityassociation.org.

  • Transfer requests to a different testing window received at least four business days prior to the originally scheduled exam administration are subject to a $50 transfer fee.
  • Exam transfer requests received less than four business days will incur a $150 fee.
    • You will not receive a refund of your registration fees. These funds will be applied to your preferred exam window.
    • You will receive payment instructions from IAAP for to pay your transfer fee.
    • Upon payment of the transfer fee, your registration fees will be considered complete for your preferred exam window.
    • A voucher will be provided to Kryterion Test takers for their online registration when the future exam window opens..
    • Transfers are eligible within one year of your original registration date.

What if I use assistive technology or need to request an accommodation to take the exam?

IAAP is committed to offering an accessible test-taking environment. Please indicate any accommodation requests or use of assistive technology you have on the WAS accommodations and assistive technology application form. You will be contacted by an IAAP Certification Team member to discuss your request and review the solution with you. Examples of accommodation requests and assistive technology are in the list below.  You should bring your own internet capable device and any assistive technology you will utilize.
  • Screen reader
  • Screen magnification
  • Additional Time
  • Braille exam form
  • Large print paper exam form
  • Sign Language Interpreter
  • Service Animal
  • In-person reader
  • Assistive Reading Device
  • Assistive Listening Device
  • Request for in-person privately proctored exam

Certified Professional in Web Accessibility (CPWA)

Individuals who pass the Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC) and the Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS) exams are eligible to carry a higher level credential called the Certified Professional in Web Accessibility (CPWA).

Who Can I Ask if I Have Questions?

Please email sam.evans@accessibilityassociation.org or call 404-894-8683 with any questions on the certification process. 

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