Exam Registration Applications and Dates

The first step toward earning your IAAP credentials is knowing you have the experience and knowledge to help you in your exam preparation.

  • You should submit your application after you know you can comfortably explain both the technical implications and the people-based impact of the learning objectives for the credential
  • You should understand the terms of agreement in an IAAP Exam Application before submitting your application
  • You should submit your application for the exam schedule dates when you plan to take the exam
  • You should be prepared to pay for your exam or arrange an invoice when you submit your application
Exam Dates
What’s on an IAAP Exam Application?


2020 Exam Applications that are currently open:

Exam Dates

IAAP offers six exam schedules throughout the year. Most exam schedulues are four weeks long.
  • 2020 August:  August 1 - 31 **Newly Extended**
    • General applications will be available July 16 through August 24
    • Hosted Event Exams
      • CONSID Offices, Ljungby, Sweden
        • August 24
  • 2020 Sept-Oct:  September 14 - October 23 (dates extended and price increases begins)
    • General applications will be available August 25
    • Hosted Event Exams: none listed at this time
  • 2020 Nov-Dec:  November 2 - December 11
    • General applications will be available October 26
  • Previous 2020 Sessions
    • 2020 Jan-Feb: January 13 - February 24
    • 2020 Mar-Apr:  March 9 - April 10
    • 2020 May: May 1 - 31
    • 2020 Jun-Jul:  June 1 - July 15

What’s on an IAAP Exam Application?

Each IAAP application contains several common elements.

The IAAP Certification Team reviews each application and approve eligible candidates. It may take 3-5 business days to process an application.  After an application is approved a candidate record will be created and updated in the IAAP Certification database. After approval, each candidate will be sent instructions to schedule and pay for their exam.

Each IAAP Certification Application contains the following information:
  • Personal information: demographic details
  • Professional information: industry and work history details
  • Accommodation requests and use of assistive technology (for those requesting accommodations or use of assistive technology)
    • Screen reader (candidate brings their own AT to hosted or privately proctored exams)
    • Screen magnification (candidate brings their own AT to hosted or privately proctored exams)
    • Additional time (IAAP coordinates for both Kryterion as well as hosted or privately proctored exams. Kryterion Exam additional time requests require five business days to request and confirm the availability of extended time.)
    • Sign Language interpreter (IAAP coordinates)
    • Service Animal (candidate notifies IAAP)
    • Assistive Listening Device (may not be available in all locations)
    • Request for in-person privately proctored exam
  • Attestation that you understand the terms of IAAP Certification
  • Payment and price information
  • Cancellation information
  • Exam transfer information
  • Exam retake information
  • Results information
  • Listing in the IAAP Professional Resource Directory
  • Public inquiry and records retention policy

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