2020 Call for Webinars

Share Your Knowledge with the Accessibility Professional Community
Submit Topics for the IAAP 2020 Webinar Series

IAAP invites you to submit your topics for IAAP’s 2020 Professional Development Webinar Series. 

Webinar Topics

Sessions should focus on accessibility topics as they relate to software, websites, mobile applications, hardware, assistive technology implementation, proprietary applications, content or documents, law, policy, standards or regulations, and best practices.

Presentations focusing on the topics below will receive preference during the selection of webinar proposals. However, these topics do not guarantee your selection:
  • VPAT 2.3
  • W3C Initiatives
  • Inclusive Design
  • EPUB Accessibility
  • Accessible Emojis
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Wayfinding and Sign Design
  • Gaming and Gaming Platforms
  • Organizational Maturity Models
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning and the Web
  • WCAG 2.1 In-Depth Review
  • International A11y Legislation and Policy (Specifically outside of the United States)

Target Audience

Topics in this series may be of interest to anyone whose job requires accessibility awareness or competence – including but not limited to accessibility professionals, policy makers, developers, designers, testers and others involved in the creation or implementation of accessible technology, content, services, programs, and policies.

Webinars may be targeted to those new to accessibility or to those with more experience and who are looking to advance their skill level.

Webinar Format

IAAP Professional Development webinars are 90-minute long sessions and involve sharing a slide deck (Powerpoint, PDF, or HTML) through the Zoom screen sharing option. They can also include desktop sharing of programs or resources and additional handout materials.

Submit Your Topic

IAAP's webinar program provides an excellent opportunity for you to showcase your expertise and help advance the knowledge of accessibility professionals. Plus, you will receive compensation for your efforts! If you’re interested in submitting a topic for the 2020 webinar series, please fill out our IAAP Call for Webinars application form by Friday, October 4, 2019.

Webinar proposals will be reviewed by the IAAP Organizational & Professional Development Committee for content and scheduling. You will be contacted as soon as possible as to the status of your submission.

If you have any questions regarding the IAAP 2020 Professional Development Webinar Series or this application, please contact Kevin Hower at webinars@accessibilityassociation.org.

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