2020 Certification Updates

Open forum drop-in sessions happen every Wednesday via Zoom. RSVP for a Certification Drop-In Session online.

The September/October Exam Session runs September 14 - October 31 and is currently accepting applications. Kryterion Test Centers are reopening, Kyrterion Online Remote Proctoring is available (some exceptions apply), IAAP Privately Proctored Exams are available to everyone, and IAAP Hosted Exam Event are listed as they are organized. 


A Guide To Certification

IAAP Certifications are indicators of your commitment to the accessibility profession, industry, and community.

Please follow this Certification Guide to obtaining your IAAP credentials:

  1. Determine if you are ready to take the exam
  2. Decide where and how you will take your exam
    • Kryterion Online Remote Proctoring & Kryterion Test Centers (test centers are reopening)
    • Privately Proctored Exams
    • Hosted Exams
    • Accommodations and Accessibility
  3. Apply for the exam
    • IAAP offers six exams schedules each calendar year for CPACC & WAS
    • Choose a date that works for your schedule and includes six to eight weeks to study and prepare
    • Explore the 2020 exam schedules
    • Review the open applications
    • Learn about what is on an IAAP CPACC & WAS exam application
  4. Pay for the exam
    • Exam pricing
    • Exam discounts
    • Payment options
  5. Prepare for the exam
  6. Take the exam
    • Exams are two-hours and include multiple-choice questions
  7. About IAAP Certification Exam development & results
    • Learn more about exam results
    • Exam results are emailed four (4) to six (6) weeks from the close of each exam schedule
  8. Share your credentials
    • Become part of the IAAP Certified Professional Directory (opt in on application)
    • Add your credential to your social media, web, and email (instructions will be emailed after test results)
    • Provide your postal address to receive a printed letter of support and certificate
  9. Maintain your certification

Additional Certification Questions

Contact:  Samantha Evans, MBA
Certification Manager


+1-678-426-7645 (Office)

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