Certification Private Proctors

IAAP offers privately proctored certification exams as an option for all candidates to take their exam at a date, time, and location of their chosing, and to provide an accessible platform for use of assistive technology set to personal preferences and programming.

  • Candidates are asked to identify a volunteer private proctor or invigilator.
    • If a candidate is unable to identify a volunteer private proctor, IAAP will work with our community to help find a volunteer proctor.
  • There are no fees associated with Private Proctors.
  • IAAP shares the IAAP Proctor Guide (opens a PDF) and Proctor Agreement with the nominated proctor.
  • The proctor reads and agrees to the terms and tasks of being an IAAP proctor by returning the Proctor Agreement.
  • The proctor then acts as a representative for IAAP to perform the following tasks:
    • Ensure the proper environment for a professional certification exam
    • Verify photo identification and signature of each candidate
    • Administer the exam
    • Monitor the exam process and environment
    • Return sign-in and exam site evaluation form
  • These duties are aligned with the accepted standards from ISO/IEC 17024 for security and governance of certification exams of individuals, as well as accepted standards for proctored examinations in higher education.

Proctor Requirements

  • Proctors should hold the IAAP Certification they are nominated to proctor
  • OR sign a waiver that they will not sit for the exam they are nominated to proctor for a minimum of one (1) year from the date of the exam
  • Be able to perform the assigned proctor duties
  • During NON-COVID-19 Times
    • May not be a family member or close relation of the candidate
    • May not be a direct supervisor of the candidate
    • May not be someone the candidate supervises directly
  • During COVID-19 (an exception including additional guarantees with IAAP Certification)
    • Exceptions are allowed during the pandemic for those living with candidates to function as a private proctor
    • Very specific advice and agreement about resources and assistance must be agreed to for this exception
  • Submit a Signed Proctor Agreement Form

Proctor Duties Day of Exam (one-to-one)

  • Review Proctor Script and forms from IAAP
  • Review candidate exam details regarding assistive technology and any additional time requested
  • Check the exam URL to ensure it is personalized to the candidate
  • Bring printed sign-in sheet
  • Check government issued photo identification and verify signature (when possible)
    • For candidates that prefer to mark an X, sign digitally, or ask someone to sign for them, the proctor will oversee and ensure the candidate's wishes are met while still confirming the identity and agreement of the candidate.
    • For proctors who are low-vision or blind, please coordinate with IAAP for photo identification verification.
  • Ensure environment is suitable and get candidate logged into their exam URL
  • Ensure exam area is free of devices and media beyond those used to access the exam.
  • Assist candidate with setting up their computer or device and assistive technology (when appropriate)
  • Assist candidate with getting access to the internet if needed
  • Provide candidate with exam URL when ready
  • Remind candidates to silence phones and put away any other devices and media
  • Ensure that all personal materials are out of the way
  • Inform candidates not to begin until they are given specific instructions to do so
  • Read the proctor script that also appears on the first three screens of the candidate exam
  • Note the start of the exam time
  • Monitor the candidate while they take the exam
  • Ensure that if/when candidate takes a break, there is no use of media or other resources
  • Record breaks and any interruptions or irregularities during exam administraton on site evaluation form
  • Provide time updates on the hour and half-hour for remaining time
  • Announce to candidates when their time has come to a close
  • Ensure candidate has selected submit and has exited their exam
  • Ensure that there are no documents saved or retained on the candidate's machine/device from notes.
  • Ensure that hard copy paper and pen/cil notes are discarded and not retained.
  • Note end of the exam time
  • Complete and return both the sign-in form and site evaluation form to IAAP

Proctor Duties Day of Exam (group or hosted exam events)

Similar to the one-to-one responsibilities, but there are some additional group event responsibilities
  • Arrive one hour to thirty minutes prior to exam administration to set up sign-in table and check exam space
  • Hosted exam opportunities and requiements can be found on our Hosting An Exam Webpage
  • Designate proctor responsibilities
    • Candidate sign-in and verification
      • Verify candidate's government issued photo identification and signature
    • Administration and setup at candidate stations
      • One proctor for each ten (10) candidates 
      • Candidates should bring their own fully charged device and power cords (unless the host event/organization has a computer lab setup)
      • Ensure candidates have access to power for their devices and an assistive technologies
      • Ensure candidates with additional time are made aware and proctors can monitor the allocated time
      • For sign-language interpretation accommodations, ensure candidate and interpreter are seated close to one another
      • For text-to-speech and screen reader accommodations, ensure candidate has earphones/earbuds 
    • Wayfinding if needed
      • Restrooms
      • Power access
      • Entrance/exits

Proctors May NOT:

  • Assist or attempt to assist with answering any questions on the exam
  • Copy any information or exam related materials
  • Allow candidates to review any materials such as the internet, email, documents, books, or any other materials
  • Discuss or disclose specific exam questions after the exam

What is ISO/IEC 17024?

  • ISO/IEC 17024:2012 contains principles and requirements for a body certifying persons against specific requirements, and includes the development and maintenance of a certification scheme for persons.
  • IAAP Certification programs are developed with advisement from our psychometric partners. Our partners provide guidance so that our programs follow the best practices, administrative, and governance goals set forth in ISO/IEC 17024:2012.
  • Included in the governance structure for certification of individuals is the requirement for proctors to verify a government issued photo identification and signature of candidates at examination administration.

How does proctoring a certification exam differ from adminstering a test?

  • Tests and Exams
    • Tests and exams that are reviews of learning objectives for a course or training material are only relative to the course/program they are assessing.
    • Test and exams are often developed by the course instructor or by the author of the text/training materials.
    • Teachers and instructors in many areas give test or exams, but do not deliver them in proctored environments with the same requirements.
    • In education and professional settings the identity of the candidate is already confirmed in prior processes and protocols not tied to the date and time of the exam/test.
  • Proctored Exams and Certification Exams
    • Certification exams are developed as part of a professional program to determine benchmarks of knowledge and/or expertise of candidates that are part of a larger certification initiative.
    • Certification exam hold a responsibility to those who seek and hold the credential as well as to the public and the professions or industries they seek to represent
    • Certification exam content and evaluations are managed by third party psychometricians in partnership with experts in the field.
    • The certification exam process and delivery are unique intellectual property of the host organization.
    • Verification of the candidate's likeness by government issued photo identification is required.
    • A proctor monitors each candidate during the exam to ensure that no alternate resources or materials are used throughout the exam.
    • A proctor reports irregularities or incidents to the host organization so that any trends or issues may be addressed by the host organization.
    • The proctor or invigilator agrees to uphold the integrity of the exam content and to act on behalf of the host organizatio to ensure the security and proper delivery of the certification exam.
    • Proctor ensures technology and security are in place for the exam.


Contact the IAAP Certification team by email or phone.
+1-678-426-7645 (Office)
Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 5:30 pm (UTC -5)(Eastern Time Zone US)



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