Webinars: Human Factors and Accessibility

Archive: Human Factors and Accessibility

Live Broadcast Held On: Tuesday, June 24, 2014
Length: 1.5 hours
Fee: $39 for members; $79 for nonmembers

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Aaron Bangor, Ph.D., CHFP, Lead Accessible Technology Architect, AT&T; Ph.D., Human Factors Engineering, Virginia Tech, 2000; Certified Human Factors Professional, 2004 - present; Vice Chair, Texas Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities

Daryle Gardner-Bonneau, Ph.D, Principal, Bonneau and Associates; Ph.D., Human Performance, Ohio State, 1983; M.S., Industrial and Systems Engineering, Ohio State, 1989; Fellow, Human Factors and Ergonomics Society

Target Audience: Accessibility professionals who want to learn more about how their work corresponds with the human factors/usability profession; Human factors professionals who want to learn more about more inclusive design and research practices

Accessibility and human factors professionals share similar goals and skills, however, they often come from different backgrounds and do not always notice how their work complements each other. In this webinar we will show how these two professions coincide and the mutual benefit of learning from one another. We will provide human factors professionals with guidance on including the consideration of disability in their work and accessibility professionals with resources and lessons learned from the human factors community. We hope to foster a relationship that can help advance the consideration of disability in the design of information and communications technology.

Learning Outcomes: Participants of this webinar will be able to:

  • Understand the relationship among human factors, ergonomics, usability, accessibility and Universal Design
  • Understand tips for including people with disabilities and older users in user research, design and usability testing
  • Describe international standards for accessibility: what’s out there, harmonization efforts and future directions

Speaker Bios:
Aaron Bangor is the Lead Accessible Technology Architect at AT&T, where he conducts research and promotes solutions for making technology usable by all. Previously, he worked for more than 12 years in the Human Factors Engineering Group of AT&T Labs, where he conducted research to find out how to make technology more user-friendly, including IVR, cell phone, web, TV, and speech-recognition user interfaces. He earned a Ph.D. in Human Factors Engineering from Virginia Tech, currently holds 18 patents, is a Certified Human Factors Professional, and serves as the Vice Chair of the Texas Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities. He is active in the area of standards, including national and international standards for accessibility.

Daryle Gardner-Bonneau is the Principal of Bonneau and Associates, a human factors consultancy in Portage, MI. She is very active in ergonomics standards development, serving in many ISO working groups within ISO/TC159 – Ergonomics, and on several standards committees of the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI). She has been involved in incorporating accessibility in several ISO standards, and is currently serving as a U.S. expert on the Joint Technical Advisory Group (JTAG) that has just completed a revision of ISO/IEC Guide 71 on accessibility. Daryle is the co-editor (with Dr. Matthew Weinger and Michael Wiklund) and a chapter author for the Handbook of Human Factors in Medical Device Design (CRC Press, 2011) and a major contributor to the accessibility and home health care sections of ANSI/AAMI HE-75 – Human factors engineering – Design of medical devices. She is a fellow of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, and a past editor of its magazine, Ergonomics in Design.

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