Webinars: Top Testing Tools for Accessibility

Archive: Top Testing Tools for Accessibility

Live Broadcast Held On: Wednesday, July 23, 2014
Length: 1.5 hours
Fee: $39 for members; $79 for nonmembers

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Speaker: Alastair Campbell, Director of Accessibility, Nomensa; conducting accessibility audits since 2001; member of W3C (on the WCG and ATAG groups); conducts regular usability testing with people who have disabilities

Tartget Audience: People who create websites/apps, Designers, Developers and (QA) Testers

Accessibility testing is a key part of the design and development process.  Without checking your work, mistakes will slip through. Learn when to test for accessibility and the easiest ways to fit it into your workflow. Whether you are a designer, developer or tester there will be tools and techniques for you to use. The earlier you test for accessibility the easier it is to achieve, so there will be plenty of time for questions and working through scenarios.

Learning Outcomes: Participants of this webinar will be able to: 

  • Know when to test for accessibility in the development process
  • Understand what the best tool for the job is likely to be
  • List accessibility testing tools that are useful to your workflow

Speaker Bio: As a founding member of Nomensa, Alastair is responsible for all aspects of user experience work at Nomensa, overseeing the company’s research and development objectives to discover new methods and innovations.

Alastair’s knowledge and experience spans the full breadth of digital services, including user experience for larger enterprise systems (Content Management, HR systems, CRM); accessibility (strategy, policy development and testing); and optimization of online tools, such as A/B testing.

His key achievements include pioneering the usage of web standards within Nomensa and formulating and conducting usability and accessibility tests. Alastair has managed numerous online accessibility and UX projects for clients across both the public and private sectors, including DirectGov, British Gas, the AA and the British Library.

In 2003, Alastair led the team that developed the first local government WCAG 1.0 Level AAA website in the UK. It was a resoundingly successful website that received positive comments from citizens and civil servants alike.

Alastair is an active member of several professional bodies, including W3C, where he sits on the web content and authoring tools accessibility guideline working groups.

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