Webinars: Captioning and Audio Description Technology and Best Practices

Archive: Captioning and Audio Description Technology and Best Practices

Live Broadcast Held On: Wednesday, March 18, 2015 
Length: 1.5 hours 
Fee: $39 for members; $79 for nonmembers

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Speaker: Robert Pearson, Accessibility Officer, Accessible Media Inc. (AMI)

Target Audience: Web Technical, Web Standards, Government, Education, Library Services, Broadcasting, Any Online Media Provider

Skill Level: Intermediate 

Overview: There have been significant advancements in the quality of accessible media as well as the technology to support it in recent years. However, a disparity in the availability of accessible media exists between these two main components of the practice, specifically in regards to captioning versus audio description for the web and TV. Despite that, best practice development and standardization of these components continues to be formalized. General rules of practice for both of these components have developed in an effort to ensure the consistent creation and delivery of accessible media so that consumers of that content will always know what to expect. This session will cover the implementation of best practices and technologies for captioning and audio description, as well as the business impact. 

Learning Objectives: 

Participants will be able to: 

1. Document and implement captioning best practices.

2. Document and implement audio description best practices.

3. Gain an understanding of the technologies to support accessible media, where things have come from and where they will go in the future.

Speaker Bio: Robert Pearson is the Accessibility Officer for Accessible Media Inc. (AMI) in Canada. Robert joined AMI in April 2011 as Director, Accessible Digital Media, responsible for leading AMI's efforts to improve the accessibility of digital media, develop and manage AMI's relationships with likeminded and accessibility focused organizations and liaise with the CRTC on various initiatives. In his role as Accessibility Officer, Robert's focus is on establishing and maintaining AMI as a leader and standard bearer on media accessibility by setting and influencing accessibility standards and best practices, shaping organization policies and practices and encouraging the development of technology and industry solutions that contribute to creating an inclusive environment within AMI and with their external partners. 

Prior to joining AMI, Robert was the Manager of Accessibility for a major Canadian financial institution and was a member of the Ontario provincial government Accessibility for Ontarian's with Disabilities Act (AODA) Information and Communications Standards Development Committee. He has been involved with the accessibility industry for more than 15 years, is a frequent speaker at industry conferences on behalf of AMI and has published numerous articles. Robert is a community builder and a passionate advocate for accessibility. 

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