Webinars: Accessibility in the Mobile Age

ARCHIVE: Accessibility in the Mobile Age

Live Broadcast Held On: Tuesday, April 26, 2016
Length: 1.5 hours
Speaker: Tim Springer, CEO, SSB Bart Group
Target Audience: Developers, Designers, Testers
Skill Level: Intermediate

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Overview: The growth of mobile has had a profound, transformative effect on the lives of persons with disabilities. To extend and secure these gains we must move to normalize accessible development best practices into repeatable, scalable and measurable processes. To achieve and maintain accessibility on an ongoing basis requires process mastery and ensuring that accessibility concerns are being addressed as part of ongoing development activities. A state of the art testing tool can automatically diagnose mobile apps and content for accessibility, and results can used as the basis for required testing via manual and assistive technology review. There are a variety of options for fixing accessibility issues and keeping them fixed. One model fixes the issues directly in the source of the systems, performs an appropriate level of validation testing and releases the fixes. A separate model builds on this by fixing some issues in source code but fixing some live, through the use of JavaScript. Once all the systems are compliant, production systems and internal development processes must be monitored to ensure digital accessibility is being properly implemented going forward. The session will discuss various different approaches to monitoring and what makes an easy starting point for implementing monitoring.

  • Have a clear understanding of methodologies and approaches for testing mobile apps and content for accessibility nd how these integrate into standard enterprise development processes
  • Understand the options for fixing accessibility issues, including direct changes to source code versus live patching of accessibility issues via a third party solutions.
  • Understand the options for monitoring production systems for compliance and how to create a positive feedback loop with these monitoring approaches and the overall program activities 
Speaker Bio: Tim Springer is founder and CEO of SSB BART Group (SSB). For nearly two decades, SSB has designed and implemented technology accessibility solutions for corporations, government agencies and leading educational institutions. Tim led the development of InFocus(tm), the industry's first commercial software for testing web accessibility. He served as the chief architect of SSB's Accessibility Management Platform (AMP), which delivers the infrastructure to manage compliance across the enterprise development life cycle. Tim advises many large public and private sector organizations on best practices required to successfully achieve accessibility. His clients include the Social Security Administration, Hewlett Packard and Wells Fargo bank.

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