Digital Accessibility Law for Developers, Designers, All of Us!

Digital Accessibility Law for Developers, Designers, All of Us!

Recording Date: Wednesday, July 25, 2018
Length: 1.5 hours
Speakers: Lainey Feingold, Law Office of Lainey Feingold

Target Audience:  Anyone who works in the accessibility space 
Skill Level:  All levels 

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There's no denying it -- the law has become a significant driver of accessibility in the United States, and increasingly around the globe. Because of this, everyone whose work touches accessibility needs to be familiar with what is happening in the courts, with legal settlements, and with laws and government regulations impacting the accessibility space. This webinar will present up-to-date legal developments, the legal foundation for our work in accessibility, and best practices from legal advocacy. Digital accessibility is a civil right: let's learn to talk about the law as a motivator for good, not as something to fear.


  • Participants will gain ability to talk about accessibility as a civil right
  • Participants will understand the current state of digital accessibility law (primarily in the US, with some focus on international developments) 
  • Participants will gain knowledge of the best practices developing from legal advocacy

Speaker Bio:

Lainey Feingold is a disability rights lawyer, author, and frequent national and international speaker about Structured Negotiation and digital accessibility law. She has negotiated agreements about digital, tech, and information access on behalf of her blind clients with Walmart, Major League Baseball, Anthem, The City and County of San Francisco, and dozens of others.

Lainey is the author of Structured Negotiation, A Winning Alternative to Lawsuits, published in 2016. The book provides a step by step guide for advocates and lawyers looking for an effective strategy to resolve legal claims without lawsuits. Lainey's book is full of stories from her two decades of legal advocacy around digital accessibility.

In 2017 Lainey Feingold was the individual recipient of the John W. Cooley Lawyer as Problem Solver award, given annually by the Dispute Resolution Section of the ABA. She was named one of 13 Legal Rebels by the ABA Journal in its September 2017 issue and has twice been recognized with a California Lawyer Attorney of the Year (CLAY) award (2000 and 2014) for her digital accessibility and Structured Negotiation legal work.

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