UX/Usability Testing - IT Professionals with Disabilities Testing Your Product

UX/Usability Testing - IT Professionals with Disabilities Testing Your Product

Live Broadcast Date:  Thursday, August 6, 2020
Time: 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Eastern (UTC - 4 hours)
Speaker(s): Heather Burns, Accessibility Consultant, Equal Entry and John Samuel, Head of LCI Tech, LCI
Target Audience: Program Managers, Designers, Managers - those that setup/fund usability studies
Skill Level: Beginner - Intermediate 

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Learn how you can easily incorporate IT professionals with disabilities into your product development cycle.  Collaborating remotely, allows people with vision disabilities to test products using their own computers and assistive technologies. Using video conferencing technology, a professional IT tester, that has a visual disability, can shares both their screen and computer sound. This provides a full view of what the tester is experiencing.  LCI (https://www.lcindustries.com/) is one of the largest employers of Americans who are blind and visually impaired, currently employing over 350 individuals that are blind or low vision.  LCI creates over 2,000 products and distributes thousands more through manufacturing, retail, nationwide distribution and e-commerce channels. LCI Tech is LCI's technology service division employing IT professionals with vision disabilities, trained and ready to assist you.  Using Equal Entry as a case study lean how to partner for an enhanced accessibility experience.


  • Participants will understand the value of including individuals with disabilities in usability tests
  • Participants will learn Best Practices for working with individuals with disabilities in usability testing
  • Participants will hear the importance of working with IT professionals with disabilities
  • Participants will learn partnering for testing to standards

Speaker Bios:

Headshot of Heather Burns
Heather Burns
' passion for Accessibility started early, turning self-advocacy into a student run organization to help others gain the accommodations they needed for academic success. At Microsoft, she worked on the accessibility of Windows and the Office family of products, becoming a co-inventor of UIAutomation (US Patents 7,644,367 & 7,490,313). 

Heather is currently a full time Accessibility Consultant for Equal Entry, a company founded by a former Microsoft accessibility peer Thomas Logan.  Equal Entry provides clients with Accessibility expertise through audits, training and expert witness testimony. Heather hold a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, from Cornell University, Engineering collage.  She is also a Certified Professional in Web Accessibility (CPWA)  and Trusted Tester for Web on Windows (TTv5).

Headshot of John Samuel
John G. Samuel
is an award winning business development leader, with over thirteen years of experience building strategic partnerships, designing profitable business models, and transforming organizations around the world.  He is currently the Head of LCI Tech and responsible for launching the new technology services business for LCI, which is one of the largest employers of Americans who are blind. John has a proven record of accomplishment of leading startup initiatives, previously helping build Homestrings, a fintech platform focused on diaspora investments, and starting a highly successful Joint Venture in Cameroon for Aster, a global telecom infrastructure company.

John holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from North Carolina State University, Poole College of Management and a Master of Business Administration from The George Washington University, School of Business. He is also a Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC). In 2019, John received the Triangle Business Journal's 40 Under 40 Leadership award.

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