Built Environment Taskforce

IAAP Built Environment Taskforce Initiative

Built Environment Taskforce

An IAAP Built Environment Taskforce has been established to support resource development for built environment members, specifically to streamline the application and evaluation process for of the three levels of certification under the Certified Professional in Accessible Built Environments program.  This will allow IAAP to scale this certification offering for greater global impact.
IAAP has assembled a group of international subject matter experts to develop proctored exams for Level 1 and Level 2 applicants.  Level 3 applicants will be required to pass the Level 2 exam and prepare a portfolio of work for review by IAAP’s Expert Panel.  The Expert Panel will convene on a semi-annual basis to evaluate submissions.  
A pilot of the exams will be held September 30 through October 30, 2020.  Successful participants will earn certification at a 50% discount of the list price.  If not successful, they will have the opportunity to retake the exam within one year of the pilot at no cost. Exams are expected to be generally available in November/December 2020.
The Taskforce is concurrently assembling a Body of Knowledge (BoK) based on the CPABE content outline determined by a recent Job Task Analysis survey.  This document will provide an overview of the knowledge that candidates must have to be successful in taking the exam.  While the BoK provides key concepts and resources, it is not meant to be a textbook to pass the exam but a tool in preparation for the exam.  PIlot participants are expected to be early adopters of the program and content, already possessing the knowledge necessary to pass the exam level applied for.  A draft of the Body of Knowledge is also provided to pilot participants for feedback and to help shape its final outcome.
The taskforce is made up of the following Subject Matter Experts:

Co-Chairs CPABE Expert Panel:

Taskforce Members

Built Environment Resources 

IAAP has created resources for its built environment members to support ongoing professional development and community networking.

Built Environment Community of Practice

Hosted via IAAP’s Connections and available to all IAAP members, the Built Environment Community of Practice (BE CoP) is a member’s only benefit providing an online platform for discussion, questions and answers, a member-built library of resources, and sharing knowledge (blog postings). Join IAAP today and take part in the discussion.

Built Environment Professional Development Webinar Series

IAAP offers live webinars on a monthly basis on a variety of topics. A webinar series dedicated to Universal Design and the Built Environment has been curated by IAAP and volunteers from the the Built Environment taskforce.  It will run September 2020 through to June 2021. 
Schedule of the Built Environment webinar series.

IAAP records and archives every webinar and makes them available for purchase.  Registrants of a live broadcast webinar will receive access to the recording at the conclusion of the broadcast. 

Participation in IAAP activities, taskforces/committees, and sharing knowledge earn continuing accessibility educational credits towards certification renewals. 

3-Part Free Webinar Series on Universal Design

Available this November, this free 3-part webinar series, presented by Colette Fransolet and forcused on the principles of Universal Design, will be release with the final draft of the CPABE Body of Knowledge. 
Part 1 - Introduction to the Paradigm of Universal Design
Part 2 - 101 of Universal Design Tools
Part 3 - The History of Universal Design 

Registration details forthcoming.

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