Strategic Plan

IAAP 3-year Strategic Plan

In order to further the recently updated IAAP mission, we have spent the past several months building out a 3-year strategic plan for the association. This Strategic Plan (the Plan) is intended to benefit the accessibility professional community and the various sectors and industries IAAP serves. The Plan provides a sharper focus of the work of the association in the form of six (6) goals.

Listening to the Accessibility Community: Establishing Strategic Priorities

Accessibility leaders with a wide range of disability knowledge and expertise were chosen to provide input on the current landscape with regards to global accessibility issues, topics, and trends. Through workshop style meetings the group also provided feedback on the current perception, changes, and opportunities for IAAP.  The participants included both IAAP members and non-members.

The IAAP Global Leadership Council members have provide input throughout the development of the Plan and results of the IAAP 2020 Membership Survey have also been considered in final development.

All discussions have resulted in the identification of six main themes with recommended goals.  A summary of the themes and overarching goals include:

  • Professional Certification Goal: To be a leading global provider of accessibility-based professional certifications.
  • Membership Value Goal: To strengthen and expand a diversified membership base.
  • International Engagement Goal: To expand memberships and services globally.
  • Customer Service Goal: To improve member’s customer service experiences.
  • Marketing Goal: To Implement a Strategic Marketing and Communications Plan.
  • Financial Sustainability Goal: To expand financial growth and reserves.

Implementation and Resources

Linked to the six (6) overarching goals are twenty-two (22) objectives and thirty-six (36) key performance indicators (KPI’s). Annual milestones, which include projects, initiatives, and partnership engagements, will be established and reviewed by leadership during the third (3rd) quarter of each operating year. Details will be adjusted if required based on internal or external circumstances.

Monitoring criteria for the KPIs has been included in the Plan, along with identified resources required to meet each of the six goals over the three-year term.  Required resources include staff and/or consultant expansion, information technology infrastructure, and required financial investment monies for certification and benefit programs.


IAAP advocacy work harnesses the power of our membership as we work in collaboration with other advocacy organizations to impact positive legislative system changes for the accessibility professional community and persons with disabilities. At the core, our goals are to secure gains already made, to strengthen policies that improve integration, and implement universal design principles that takes everybody into account, leading to a fully inclusive and sustainable digital and built environment.


While reporting to the GLC quarterly, the Plan will be monitored and reviewed holistically on an annual basis by the IAAP leadership team. If KPI’s are not being reached, the leadership team will work to adapt planning or providing additional resources when possible.

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