Organizational Development

The Organizational Development Committee develops resources and programs by which organizations, corporations and government entities can learn and grow their accessibility strategies so as to increase overall access and opportunities for persons with disabilities.

Structure and activities

As of September 2016, the Organizational Development Committee has made improvements to enhance the effectiveness of IAAP’s Organizational Development activities. The Organizational Development activities currently consist of three elements:
  1. The Public Page (This page): New resources will be posted here as they are produced by the membership. Periodic updates on committee initiatives and projects will also be posted here.  Access to any members-only organizational resources will be available through this page.
  2. The Organizational Development Group: This is the members-only area of the IAAP Connections Community. Members of the group will have access to early versions of developed resources. Members can also take part in online discussions with, and pose questions to like-minded professionals who have expertise and interest in Organizational Development.
  3. The Organizational Development Committee: The committee meets monthly via teleconference and/or online. Committee positions each have a primary and backup officer. The officer positions are Chair, Secretary, and three Project Leads. Meetings are open to all IAAP members.

Group Project Focus Areas

There are three projects that are currently being addressed within Organizational Development:
  1. Guidance. Reviewing current Organizational Development related guidance and resources from G3ict and elsewhere, with a view to sharing reviewed guidance on the Public Page.
  2. Certification. Providing input and recommendations to the IAAP Certification Committee and program regarding the subject of Organizational Development. (Currently, Organizational Development is covered by Section III D of the Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC) materials).
  3. Bridging the gap. There is a gap between the fields of (a) technology aspects of accessibility, and (b) human resources / equal opportunity aspects of accessibility. Both a and b are important in their own right, but few resources tie the two together. This gap will be explored and proposals will be generated for creating new resources in this area.

Join in

The Group and Committee welcome new members. Add your professional expertise to the discussions and resource generation projects. Help us spread the word on the importance and benefits of organization-wide perspectives and approaches to accessibility.

If you have any questions or comments, or if you would like to get involved, please email

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