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About Technosite

Technosite is a technology and consultancy company belonging to the business corporation of ONCE Foundation (with more than 14,000 employees), which in turn belongs to ONCE, the National Organisation of the Spanish Blind.

Technosite is a company working in the field of social economy. Technosite employs over 130 professionals, and over 50 percent of them are people with disabilities. It is precisely this which gives us our competitive edge, since all of our technological development and consultancy activities are carried out with accessibility and design for all criteria. Our multidisciplinary team is highly qualified, with university graduates making up over 80 percent of the staff.

Since 2001, Technosite has provided consultancy, training, assessment and certification in accessibility issues. Moreover, our portfolio also includes graphic design, R&D and innovation, social research and social networks (e.g., the Discapnet portal, which provides specific content and services for people with disabilities and has over 12 million visits a year).

In Spain, Technosite has developed over 1,000 projects assessing, developing and providing technical advice regarding the development and maintenance of accessible Web content. It is worth noting also the studies led by Technosite for the European Commission in the field of accessible information and communications technology (ICT), such as the study “Economic Assessment for Improving eAccessibility Services and Products” and the “Study on Monitoring eAccessibility."

In the field of R&D and innovation, at a national level, Technosite has coordinated a large amount of projects. Among them, it is worth noting INREDIS (basic research into the development of interoperable and accessible technology in Europe), with a budget of €23,600,000 and more than 32 partners and subcontractors. At a European level, Technosite is coordinating three awarded projects: CLOUD4all (IP FP7, no.: 289016), focused on cloud technologies’ potential to improve eAccessibility; APSIS4all (Pilot B ICT-PSP, no.: 270977), which aims to validate, in real-life settings, different approaches for providing customized interaction modes for Public Digital Terminals; and ATIS4all (TN ICT-PSP, no.: 270988), which seeks to facilitate everyone’s access to the most suitable assistive technology or accessibility device and service according to their needs and preferences and contextual characteristics. Technosite has in the past and continues to participate in other relevant R&D projects, including ICARUS (SA FP7, no.: 314563), SAAPHO (aal-2010-3-035), AEGIS (IP FP7, no.:224348), REACH112 (Pilot B ICT-PSP, no.:238940) and SUPPORT-EAM (SSA FP6, no.:004754).

Why Technosite Became a Founding Member

Technosite became an IAAP founding member because we agree on the need to have a homogeneous certification process for accessibility professionals. Technosite’s experts assess the knowledge of the candidates during our hiring processes during their interview. Nevertheless, having a certification process in place will facilitate the assessment of their capabilities, thus reducing the time required in this process.

Moreover, Technosite provides training courses on ICT accessibility. Having a certification process standardized worldwide will enable us to align our training with its content, thus becoming more useful and appealing to our clients.

 Technosite's Goals for IAAP

  • To have a certification on the background and expertise of the candidates during our hiring processes
  • To align our training courses with a certification process standardized worldwide

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