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About the Career Center

The IAAP Career Center hosts the latest open positions for careers in accessibility. It is a resource available for both career seekers and recruiting organizations.

As a Career Seeker, you will find openings from Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, consulting firms, government agencies, educational institutions and non-profits, including some of the biggest names in accessibility.
As a Recruiting Organization, you will place your open positions in front of a highly targeted audience of accessibility professionals who possess the needed skills, knowledge and professional drive for your openings.
Postings can be submitted by members and non-members.  Only IAAP members can access full position details through the IAAP Connections platform.

Job Postings for Members

Career Center postings are free for IAAP members.  If you are already a member of IAAP, simply visit the Career Center - Open Positions page on IAAP Connections to complete your posting.

Posting Guidelines:

  • Posts must be for an open position within your organization, not for other oganizations or recruiters.
  • You are responsible for manaing the post, including removing it once the position has been filled.  An IAAP staff member will remove posts older than 6 months unless instructed by the poster.
  • Only posts for currently open positions are permitted on that page.  Job seekers can post their resumes on the Career Center - Resumes page.
  • Please read the full career center posting rules and recomendations document beofre posting your position.

Job Postings for Non-Members

Career Center postings for non-members are $425 for three months.  Complete the posting form below including the payment options.  If you would like to become a member of IAAP and take advantage of the Career Center for free, visit our membership page for more information about the pricing and benefits.

Posting Guidelines:

  • Positions that include a requirement or preference for IAAP certifications (CPACC, WAS, CPWA) in the official job description are eligible for a free posting.  Contact with your job description for a discount code.
  • Career Center posts are limited to 500 characters
  • Career Center posts are valid for three months or until you ask us to remove the listing
  • Complete this non-member career center posting form with the final version of your job posting.  An IAAP staff member will post your position in the Career Center as it appears in this form and notify you when the post is live.
  • IAAP will tweet about your post over the duration as part of the purchase

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The IAAP Career Center is a resource for both job seekers and recruiting organizations. You'll find the latest open positions for accessibility professionals!
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