Accessible Document Design in Higher Education

Accessible Document Design in Higher Education

Recording Date: Thursday, May 17, 2018
Length: 1.5 hours
Speaker(s):  Karen McCall, Accessible Document Design Consultant and Trainer, Karlen Communications

Target Audience:  Anyone in higher education interested in creating a more inclusive learning eco system that includes students and faculty with disabilities.
Skill Level:  All Levels

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This webinar will take those of us who create and advocate for more accessible documents to the next level. As a beginner in the field of accessible document design, this webinar will show you what is possible as you learn the basics. For document authors who are at the intermediate or advanced level of accessible document design, this webinar will guide you through the advanced tools in Word and PowerPoint that will assist faculty, students and staff create more accessible documents.

The ecosystem of accessible content can provide a foundation and leadership role for higher education as we move toward the goal of inclusive education. Goal 4.5 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals is inclusive education yet each iteration of primary, secondary or tertiary education defines inclusive education differently.

Can the accessibility of digital content provide the framework for moving inclusive education forward by 2030? This webinar looks at the existing tools as well as new tools available to document authors while framing higher education as the leader in this endeavour.


  • Participants will learn about the accessibility of advanced tools and features in Word and PowerPoint 2016/Office 365.
  • Participants will explore the concept of higher education as a leader in creating inclusive education eco systems.
  • Participants will explore the ability to create accessible documents on iOS devices using Office 365 apps.

Speaker Bio:

Karen McCall, MED, owner of Karlen Communications, has written several books on creating and working with accessible documents as well as books on how to use Microsoft applications from the Keyboard. “Accessible and Usable PDF Documents: Techniques for Document Authors” is currently in its Fourth edition.

Karen has been working in the field of accessible document design since 1998. She has been advocating for a global inclusive education standard since 2009.

Karen is a member of the ISO committee establishing the accessibility standards for PDF documents and is a Microsoft MVP.

  • Canadian delegate to the ISO 32000 (PDF) committee and its working group ISO 14289 (PDF/UA)and has been for a number of years.
  • Microsoft MVP for Word (Most Valued Professional) since 2009.
  • Microsoft Accessibility MVP since 2014 when this category of MVP was established.

Her website, has several free tutorials on accessible document design and how to use tools in Office applications if you are using the keyboard with or without adaptive technology.

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