Higher Education Community of Practice

IAAP has implemented a Higher Education Community of Practice (CoP), which provides higher education professionals a framework to implement accessibility throughout their institutions. The goal of the CoP is to address accessibility holistically rather than as a retrofit process. Leveraging on existing IAAP resources, the CoP offers a network of skilled subject matter experts providing information on current higher education trends, standards, guidelines and laws centered on accessibility in the areas of information technology, cyber security, instructional design, e-learning, digital documents, procurement, communications and event planning.

What will make our Higher Education Community of Practice stronger is having you as a member. Regardless of your knowledge level in accessibility, we all play a role in growing this framework.

If you are interested in joining the Higher Education Community of Practice, email HECoP@accessibilityassociation.org.

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IAAP Connections

IAAP Connections is a social collaboration tool offering guidance, support, shared resources and best practices related to accessibility issues. With the addition of the Higher Education CoP, success stories such as Princeton University’s creation of campus-wide accessibility evangelists with IAAP CPACC designations will be spotlighted.


Webinars on topics of value to higher education are presented monthly and archived. These include disability awareness, assistive technologies, universal design, mobile accessibility, multimedia and document conversion, standards, laws, and management strategies.

Professional Certifications

Through the IAAP professional certification program, post-secondary systems and campuses can create a network of credentialed accessibility experts. IAAP is a member of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence, and exam-testing partners follow ISO, NCCA and ANSI standards and practices.

Career Center

With access to the IAAP Career Center, higher education institutions can post positions and recruit qualified accessibility professionals. The Career Center is designed to highlight and promote IAAP certificate designees.

Accessibility Now Newsletter

The IAAP Accessibility Now Newsletter provides members with a digest of summarized news clips highlighting topics and developments impacting organizations and the accessibility industry.

Resource Library

The IAAP Resource Library contains a collection of resources that are vetted. The Higher Education CoP contributes resources on a variety of topics such as inclusive education.

Teach Access

IAAP is committed to supporting initiatives such as Teach Access that ensure colleges and universities incorporate accessibility knowledge into their curriculum. The Higher Education Community of Practice will help facilitate these endeavors.


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What will make our profession strong is having you as a member. Regardless of your knowledge level in accessibility, we all play a role in growing this profession. Help guide us to being a great professional association serving our diverse needs.

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Through use of IAAP Connections, you can join an existing discussion or even start your own. You can also blog, upload resources to libraries and join some of our committees.

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The Educational Training Database is a searchable global resource database which provides a centralized place for accessibility professionals and others to locate and access educational-related instructional materials related to accessibility. 

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