Tackling a Huge Website with WCAG-EM

Tackling a Huge Website with WCAG-EM

Recording Date: Thursday, February 28, 2019
Length: 1.5 hours
Peter Shikli, CEO, Access2online
Target Audience:  Website Managers, Upper Management, Big-picture Web Developers
Skill Level:  Intermediate-Advanced

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WCAG 2.1 is the way to make a web page accessible, but what if you inherited many thousands of web pages?  The W3C folks have addressed that problem with their WCAG-EM methodology to establish the substantial part of a website from an accessibility standpoint. This presentation pulls WCAG-EM apart and puts it to use.


  • Participants will learn how to address large archival websites from an accessibility standpoint
  • Participants will learn about using scant resources to fix the past so the focus can shift to the future
  • Participants will learn how to respond to a judicial complaint by bounding the response with an accepted standard

Speaker Bio:

A UCLA engineer with an MBA, Peter Shikli has over 30 years in software development, high-tech business formation, and project management. He is a Certified Manufacturing Engineer, a Registered Professional Engineer, accredited college instructor, guest lecturer, a Trusted Tester certified by the federal Office of Accessible Systems & Technology, and has published over 40 articles & books.

Mr. Shikli's experience includes VP of R&D, CIO for an electronic component exchange, various high-tech positions with Garrett Aerospace and Ampex, and Program Manager for SAIC, the world's largest international think tank. Having founded Bizware Online Applications Inc. (Access2online's holding corporation), Mr. Shikli chaired various internet consortiums such as the Orange County Chapter of the Southern California ColdFusion Users Group, the Orange County PHP Developers Group, Director of the WebTeam Coalition, and the Internet Consortium of the Orange County Business Council.

Taking a break from his duties as Bizware's CEO, Mr. Shikli is focusing on Access2online, what he considers his legacy project. He has personally trained every inmate working for Access2online and reviews every work product before it reaches any customers.

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