Maintaining CPABE Certification

Certified Professional Accessible Built Environment professional credentials are valid for three years. Certificants are required to earn 45 Continuing Accessibility Education Credits (CAECs) that are directly related to built environment accessbility in either professional development or in sharing your knowledge.   

Demonstrating continued work within the field of accessibility is a mandatory requirement for re-certification. Additional credits can be earned through the following ways:


  • Attendance or presentations at seminars, workshops, and/or conferences focused on built environment accessibility
    • 1 hour of attendance = 1 CAEC
  • Participation on standards development committees
    • 1 hour of participation = 1 CAEC
  • Expanding the range of understanding of cross disabilities (volunteering or educational activities)
    • 1 hour of attendance = 1 CAEC
  • Further education
    • 1 hour of education = 1 CAEC
  • Publishing articles on topics regarding the development of accessibility
    • 1 published article = 1 development credit
  • Reading articles on topics regarding the development of accessibility
    • 4 credits applicable / year (must confirmed material reviewed)
  • Preapproved activities by the Certification program
    • Please contact the IAAP Certification Manager for approval of activity 
You can submit your CPABE CAECs for review on our CPABE CAEC Online Form. Please ensure that you retain records of all activities as this documentation will need to be submitted to verify activities. 

Renewal of CPABE Credentials 

Successful candidates will be required to renew their certification status every three years after earning the required 45 CAECS in order to maintain their inclusion as a IAAP CPABE certificant. Continued skill development will need to be demonstrated through either education or project engagement as outlined above. The following fees will be applicable: 

How much does it cost to maintain my IAAP Certification?

IAAP members with no lapse in membership have no cost associated with maintaining their certification. Your membership must remain valid for the duration of your three-year certification renewal to be eligible for this member benefit.

For Non-IAAP Members, or those whose membership has lapsed at any time during the three-year period:
  • $200 renewal fee payable at time of renewal (begins 2021)
  • For those in Emerging Economies the total fee is $50 every three years.

What if I do not renew my certification after three years but then want to reinstate my credential?

If there is any lapse in renewing your certification through continuing education, you will need to retake the Certification exam.  Exams can be scheduled to be retaken using the standard application process available on the IAAP website. Retake exam fees are only available to those who have not successfully passed an IAAP Certification within one year from the date of their unsuccessful exam administration. 

Should you have any questions on details above, please do not hesitate to contact the IAAP Certification Manager for further information:

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