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About the Certified Professional in Accessible Built Environments (CPABE) Credential

IAAP is committed to deepening the recognition of professionals who have acquired the knowledge and skills to implement built environment accessibility standards, codes, legislation, and apply universal design principles to environments in which we live, work, and play.  CPABE is now a credendial within the IAAP portfolio of offerings.  While not a prerequisite, CPABE builds on IAAP’s foundational certification - "Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies" (CPACC) - and identifies successful applicants as associate, advanced, or expert level accessibility professionals. 

Begun under Global Alliance of Accessible Technologies and Environments (GAATES), a non-profit organization which was based in Canada, this certification program transitioned in early 2019 to G3ict and its division of training and certification, IAAP.  An international Subject Matter Expert taskforce has been formed to develop a specific Body of Knowledge and exams to streamline the application and evaluation processes in order to scale the program, allowing for greater global impact.

CPABE Levels

  • The CPABE program offers three certifications levels: 
    • Level 1 - Associate Accessibility Professional
      • The candidates for Level 1 CPABE may be new to the profession (3-5 years) or have a new focus on accessibility as a design/building professional.  While Universal Design is the preferred methodology to ensuring accessible spaces for all, this certification candidate may still be building their universal design knowledge and experience while currently removing barriers to accessibility. 
    • Level 2 - Advanced Accessibility Professional
      • The candidates for Level 2 CPABE are expected to be established practioners (5 – 10 years) as an accessibility professional or professional with a focus of Universal Design in their chosen field (architect, engineers, urban planner, etc).  
    • Level 3 - Expert Accessibility Professional
      • The candidates for Level 3 CPABE are required to have successfully completed CPABE Level II Exam and are expected to have a well-established practice of 10+ years as an accessibility professional or professional with a focus of Universal Design in their chosen field (architect, engineers, urban planner, etc). The candidate should demonstrate leadership in the field of accessibility either through development of policy and/or standards or through sharing their knowledge and supporting the professional development of other accessibility professionals. 
  • You can read more detail about each of the CPABE Levels of experience on our CPABE Levels webpage.

Chart Your Path To Certification

Learn about each certification program, exam locations, exam sessions and applications, payment options and more starting with our Guide To Certification.

Prepare for CPABE Exams

IAAP has compiled a list of resources and materials to help you prepare for the CPABE exams.  Visit our Prepare for CPABE page to access all exam preparation resources.

Maintaining CPABE Certifications

The CPABE Certifications are valid for three years and can be renewed by earning 45 Continuing Accessibility Education Credits (CAECs).

CPABE Frequently Asked Questions

IAAP has pulled a list of the most commonly asked questions regarding the CPABE exams, application process, fees, and other inquiries.  If you can not find the answer to your question on our CPABE FAQ pageCertification Guide, or our Prepare for CPABE page, please email certification@accessibilityassociation.org or call +1-678-426-7645 with any questions on the certification process.

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