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The IAAP Certification Program provides significant value to participants and their employers.  Hear from them directly as to the benefits they gained from preparing for and taking the exam.

Survey feedback from Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC) certificants:

  • 91% felt that preparing for the exam helped them discover aspects of accessibility with which they were not familiar
  • 76% felt it helped them gain authority on accessibility matters
  • 71% felt it enhanced their self-confidence in tackling accessibility challenges
  • 62% felt it made them more competitive for career opportunities

What people are saying about CPACC:


Albert Rizzi head shot

Albert Rizzi, Founder & CEO, My Blind Spot

“Being members of this exclusive group of professionals distinguishes My Blind Spot as an advocate with the professional acumen and accessibility muscle to ensure that we deliver on our mission of inspiring accessibility and inclusion for people of all abilities. Being able to highlight this certification on our website and in our accessibility governance proposals has already gotten the attention and given us that extra edge to land a few contracts and meaningful partnerships that have positively impacted our revenue stream as a nonprofit.”

Todd Bankofier head shot

Todd Bankofier, CEO, AudioEye

“CPACC truly differentiates an employee with very specialized skills. For our engineering and implementation team members it is a highly desired qualification. They all see the educational and credibility value of the certification."

"It adds value to the strength of the company’s overall skill capacity and shows a strong commitment to being a leader on the issue of accessibility."

Julie Romanowski headshot

Julie Romanowski, CPACC, Senior ICT Accessibility Specialist, Digital Accessibility, State Farm

"Professional certification is highly valued, but until recently, nonexistent in the ICT accessibility sector. Until IAAP certification became available, it was difficult to measure the knowledge of self-proclaimed accessibility specialists and vendors. Now when my organization considers hiring accessibility specialists, we can be confident that those with CPACC certification have at least a basic understanding of people with disabilities, accessibility and universal design, and accessibility-related standards and laws. Now with the new Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS) certification, we can be confident that certification holders have the technical knowledge needed to ensure accessibility of our ICT products."
"Personally, benefits of CPACC certification did not start after earning the certification, but from the beginning of the certification journey. Preparing for the exam by reviewing materials offered on the IAAP site helped me gain knowledge that is directly applicable to my job. CPACC certification has also helped me gain greater respect from leadership and colleagues for my accessibility knowledge."

Blank head shot (no photo available)

Rupesh Rawat, UX Program Manager, Accessibility SME – Microsoft IT India

“Since I took the CPACC certification, people look to me as the knowledge expert and the go to person in times of crisis.”

“Preparation for the CPACC gives a new perspective, helps one understand why it is important that everything be designed to work for everyone. From the company’s perspective, sponsoring employees to take the certification establishes the organization’s seriousness towards accessibility, not to mention that it also helps the organization in the long run.”

Sujasree Kurapati head shot

Sujasree Kurapati, Managing Director, Deque India

“The CPACC certification helped me gain knowledge on the principles of universal design, built environment guidelines and theoretical models of disability, which I had not explored otherwise in my work life. Besides developing a very specific skill set, the certification built my overall knowledge on disability and accessibility.”

Scott Cooley head shot

Scott Cooley, Technical Writer, Deque Systems

“The CPACC certification offers credibility and weight with the people I serve in my work, and helps to establish trust with new clients. The added skill sets have contributed to higher quality of work output, making my qualifications a value addition to my organization.  It shows my commitment to gaining more expertise in my field.”

“It differentiates me from others because it proves I have a broad understanding of the subject and possess specialized skills that are necessary to perform with a high degree of competence in the field. Also, the training and practice necessary for exam preparation and certification maintenance help ensure my skills are current with new developments in the field."

Jose Alejandro Garcia Alfonzo head shot

Jose Alejandro Garcia Alfonzo, Web Developer, City Administration, Ottawa

“While I have been a web accessibility enthusiast for a long time, it wasn't only until I decided to go for the certification that I became serious about it. The CPACC certification has been the perfect addition to my web developer skills, helping me be recognized as the web accessibility contact within my organization. I am now looking forward to additional certification.”

blank head shot (no photo available)

Thomas Logan, Owner, Equal Entry

"I was able to use my certification from IAAP as part of my credentials to establish myself as an expert witness when testifying in court as an accessibility expert in ICT.  Yet another benefit for the members of IAAP to understand that the credential can be used this way in a court of law."

Rosemary E. Musachio head shot

Rosemary E. Musachio, Ruh Global Communications, Chief Accessibility Officer

"Being certified in accessibility, I am seen as more credible.  People on social media networks are reaching out to me for advice and input.  It makes me feel that I’m making a difference in the business and education worlds."

"Having a CPACC means companies will know you have fundamental knowledge about disabilities, accessibility, universal design, and laws and standards.  Business leaders recognize your commitment to the accessibility field and they seek your advice and insights on accessibility issues."

"If an employer seeks applicants who have CPACC or require current employees to become certified, the company recognizes how important accessibility and inclusion are to its success."

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