Webinar Registration and Pricing

Webinars, Offerings, Registration and Pricing   

IAAP webinar offerings include (1) Live broadcast and archived educational offerings, (2) a vetted OPD Professional Development Series and (3) Topic and Industry Sector Specific Bundles.  Offerings can be purchased individually or in packages by members and non-members.    

IAAP logoLive and Archived Educational Webinars

Live Webinar Pricing 

  • Members: $39.00 US (membership includes 1 live and 2 archived) 
  • Non-Members: $79.00 US 
View upcoming live educational webinars 

Archived Webinar Pricing 

  • Organizational Members: Included with membership
  • Individual Members:        $29.00 US (membership includes 1 live and 2 archived) 
  • Non-Members:                 $69.00 US 

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Individual Professional/Student Membership Live and Archived Webinar Registration 

Individual Non-Member Live and Archived Webinar Registration 

IAAP logoOPD Professional Development Webinar Series

IAAP members under an Organizational Membership can purchase individual live webinars at the standard member rate and have complimentary access to the entire archive library.  In addition, organizations may purchase live webinar packages for the OPD Professional Development Series.  Purchasing of the OPD Professional Development Series offers 11-12 live webinars over a year.  Webinar presenters and topics are vetted annually through the IAAP OPD Committee. 

Corporate Membership Pricing

  • Associate Corporate:  $240.00 (6 employees) 
  • Standard Corporate:   $800.00 (20 employees) 
  • Silver Corporate:         $1,600.00 (40 employees) 
  • Gold Corporate:           Included with membership (80 employees) 
  • Platinum Corporate:    Included with membership (120 employees) 
Options and registration for Associate, Standard, Silver Corporate

Options and registration for Gold, Platinum Corporate

Government, Educational and Not-for-Profit Membership Pricing

  • Level I:    $480.00 (12 employees)
  • Level II:   $960.00 (24 employees
  • Level III:  $2,000.00 (50 employees)
Options and registration for Level I, II, and III – Government, Education and Not-for Profit

IAAP logoTopic and Industry Sector Specific and Certification Bundled Webinars

Topic and Industry Specific Bundles are packaged to provide resources to help viewers gain knowledge within areas that expand beyond IAAP certification offerings.  Industry Sector Specific Bundles are packaged to provide professional development for sectors such as higher education, finance, heath care, IT, and education.   

Certification Bundles are packaged to provide resources to help viewers prepare for the IAAP certification exams. Certification Bundles are free for organizational members.  

Topic and Industry Sector Specific Bundles are priced separately.  View offerings, pricing and registration

Payment and Other Important Information

To pay by credit card or to pay by invoice email info@accessibilityassociation.org.

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