Digital Workplace Inclusion Webinar Series Bundle

The Digital Workplace Inclusion webinar series was an 8-month series offered to help prepare and strengthen your organizational knowledge of digital workplace inclusion through engagement with global disability and diversity leaders who will guide your team in: 

  • Understanding digital inclusion best practices  
  • Analyzing lessons learned on implementing digital inclusion in an organization
  • Advancing your organizational digital inclusion strategy plan 

Series Content

Webinar 1: Digital Workplace Maturity Model: Examining Frameworks

Presenter(s):  Brendan Roach, Business Disability Forum, Lucy Ruck, Business Disability Forum
Guest Speaker: Jodie Greer, IT Accessibility Lead at Shell Information Technology International Limited 
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Webinar 2: Inclusion Through Technology 

Presenter(s):  David Banes, Director of David Banes Access and Inclusion Services
Guest Speaker: (Profile/Good Practice Example): Neil Milliken, Head of Accessibility & Digital Inclusion, Atos 
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Webinar 3: Inclusion Branding: How Brands Can Align Business Goals and CSR by Sharing Their Disability Inclusion and Accessibility Stories

Presenter(s):  Debra Ruh, CEO-Founder, Ruh Global Communications
Guest Speaker:  Dr. Caroline Casey, Valuable 500 
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Webinar 4: Using Certification to Strengthen your Workforce

Presenter(s):  Glenda Sims, Director, Accessibility Practice, Deque Systems and Sam Evans, IAAP Certification Manager
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Webinar 5: Employee Accommodation Knowledge through Data, Tools and Resources

Presenter(s):  Anne Hirsh, Director's Job Accommodation Network/ Office of Disability Employment Policy
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Webinar 6: Industry Inclusive Initiatives: Profiles of Innovations

Presenter(s): Jim Smith, Accessibility Specialist, Atos; Paul Smyth, Head of Digital Accessibility, Barclays; and Kate Nash, Creator and CEO, Purple Space
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Webinar 7: Digital Inclusion and Future of Work

Presenter(s): Debra Ruh, CEO-Founder, Ruh Global Communications and Jack McElaney, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Microassist
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Webinar 8: The Proven Impact of Improving Website Accessibility: Real Life Results from Digital Inclusion Initiatives

Presenter(s): Louise McQuillan, Accessibility Solutions Specialist, Texthelp, Donna Thomson, Demand Generation Marketing Manager, Texthelp
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Digital Workplace Inclusion Bundle Benefits

Take advantage of the ability to acquire access to the IAAP Digital Workplace Inclusion 8 webinar series bundle. The bundle is a fantastic value for expanding your organization-specific knowledge about your most common challenges around developing an inclusive digital workplace environment for your employees and customers with disabilities.

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