Higher Education Webinar Bundle

IAAP’s Higher Education Accessibility Webinar Bundle hosts national and international leaders to help institutions reduce legal compliance risk, create a scalable framework for accessible products and services, apply centralized solutions for accessibility compliance testing and tracking, manage the vendor accessibility lifecycle, transfer accessibility knowledge to faculty and staff, develop an internal network of certified accessibility professionals and leverage campus-to-campus resource sharing.  

All webinars are 1.5 hours, unless otherwise noted.

Full webinar descriptions can be found on our Higher Education Webinar Series page.

Webinar 1: Campus ICT Auditing 
Presenters:  Susan Cullen, California State University System, Assistant Director Accessible Technology Initiative and Co-Chair of EDUCAUSE IT Accessibility Constituent Group and Christian Vinten-Johansen, The Pennsylvania State University, Manager, Accessibility Team and Co-Chair of EDUCAUSE IT Accessibility Constituent Group  

Webinar 2: ICT Campus-Wide Accessibility Methodology 
Presenter: Susanna Laurin, CEO, Funka  

Webinar 3:  Campus Compliance Alerts 
Presenter:   Eve Hill, Esq., Disability Rights Attorney, Brown Goldstein & Levy Law Firm, and former Deputy Assistant Attorney General of the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division 
Webinar 4: Campus Accessibility Decentralization and Professional Employee Certification 
Presenter:  Damian Sian, CPACC and Web Accessibility Specialist, Princeton University 

Webinar 5: Policies, Procedures and Procurement 
Presenters: Cheryl Pruitt, Director of the Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) for the California State University (CSU) System, and Susanna Laurin, CEO, Funka 
Webinar 6: Choosing ICT Accessibility Evaluation Tools 
Presenter: Chris M. Law, Ph.D., Accessibility Track 
Webinar 7: Digital Instructional Material 
Presenter:  Karen McCall, Karlen Communications 
Webinar 8: Learning Management Systems and Accessibility 
Presenters:  Jon Gunderson, PhD, The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Hadi Rangin, Information Technology Accessibility Specialist, University of Washington 
Webinar 9: Staff and Faculty Training Resources 
Presenter:  Cyndi Rowland, Ph.D., Executive Director of WebAIM, Utah State University

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