My Money My Choice: Financial Independence for Saudis with Disabilities

Aya Abdullah Jibreal headshot

Aya Abdullah Jibreal |  02.12.21
Senior Inclusive Design Consultant, Qaderoon Business Disability Network

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made numerous efforts across its various economic sectors in pursuit of providing livelihoods to all citizens of various genders and spectrums. The aim is to ensure Persons with Disabilities can secure a decent life and be on an equal footing with other individuals without the slightest physical or psychological discrimination, respecting them and supporting their autonomy.  Continue reading My Money My Choice: Financial Independence for Saudis with Disabilities.

Accessibility Leadership and the Art of Persuasion

Headshot of Neil Milliken

Neil Milliken |  04.30.20
Head of Accessibility & Digital Inclusion, Atos

Often organizations are starting from a very low level of awareness and maturity. Not everyone is going to share your passion and there may be considerable resistance to change and inertia. I would like to look at how as a leader we can effectively respond to some of the common challenges to our requests to implement accessibility. Continue reading Accessibility Leadership and the Art of Persuasion.

Saudi Arabia are accessibility leaders – are you?

Aya Abdullah Jibreal headshot

Aya Abdullah Jibreal |  03.16.20
Senior Inclusive Design Consultant, Qaderoon Business Disability Network

It became known that human diversity is a key factor in improving a company’s efficiency and productivity as well as encouraging competitiveness and development. In the past few years, this realization became known in the Saudi business sector as it is witnessing many changes. This diversity includes persons with disabilities.  Continue reading Saudi Arabia are accessibility leaders.

Vendor Responsibilities for Accessibility

Headshot of Jay Wyant
Jay Wyant  |  01.17.20
IAAP Global Leadership Council
Chief Information Accessibility Officer, State of Minnesota IT Services

Government entities have an obligation to ensure that their digital systems and content are accessible to everyone. What value is a government service that is not usable by all of its constituents? Governments also tend to be more inclusive in their hiring practices, which means that all internal systems must also be accessible. Continue reading Vendor Responsibilities.

Procure accessibility – think big!

Susanna Laurin headshot
Susanna Laurin  |  11.18.19
IAAP Global Leadership Council Vice Chair
Chief Research and Innovation Officer at Funka

Content management systems, CMS, can make a huge difference when it comes to accessibility. It is extremely important to choose a tool where functions and templates don’t create accessibility problems. However, almost equally important is the potential the CMS has to help the web authors to do the right thing.  Continue reading Procure accessibility.


Accessibility by default – could this be the future?

Headshot of Susanna Laurin
Susanna Laurin  |  11.18.19
IAAP Global Leadership Council Vice Chair
Chief Research and Innovation Officer at Funka

The European Parliament has funded a pilot project aimed at investigating which accessibility features could be built into authoring tools, in this case content management systems, CMS. Funka has led the 1.5 year-long project, partnering with CTIC and collaborating with stakeholder organisations as well as producers and suppliers of CMS.  Continue reading Accessibility by default.

Making Common Sense More Commonplace

Jodie Greer headshot
Jodie Greer  |  11.07.19
IT Accessibility Lead, Shell
IAAP SLiA Taskforce Chairperson

Question:  How would you and your business benefit from a Strategic Leader in Accessibility (SLiA) Certification?
Answer:  As an individual who understands the value accessibility brings to a business, this certification would give you the tools, knowledge, and proven credibility to determine strategic plans, influence senior stakeholders, and ultimately set your business up for success.  Continue reading Jodie's Blog.

Why do we need another “Accessibility Qualification”?

Neil Eustice headshot
Neil Eustice  |  11.1.19
Diversity & Knowledge Manager KPMG

Depending on the size of your business and how far you are along in the development of being a truly accessible business, you may have people already qualified in aspects of accessibility. For example, you may have a member of staff who is an IAAP Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC).  Continue reading Neil's Blog

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