Exam Locations and Format

Where and how to take your IAAP Exam

This page contains information that will help you determine where you will choose to take your exam on your application. You will also find details about the format of the exams so you have a better understanding of what you will encounter on the exam.

Exams are available globally during exam schedules. You can choose from Kryterion Online Remote Proctoring or Test Centers, Privately Proctored Exams, or Hosted Exam Events as listed. There are not unique or distinct sets of instructions by city or country.

Kryterion Online Remote Proctoring & Test Centers
Privately Proctored Exams
Hosted Exam Events
Exam Format

Accommodations & Accessibility
Host an Exam at your Facility

Kryterion Online Remote Proctoring & Test Centers

For any candidate not requiring assistive technology accommodations and those able to both hear and speak with proctors, exams are available by Kryterion Online Remote Proctoring and at a Kryterion Testing Centers in 120 countries and more than 1,000 test center locations around the world. Krtyerion Test Centers can provide readers and recorders in private rooms for anyone requesting accommondations in lieu of assistive technology. The current Krtyerion date/time selection tool does not meet color contrast requirements, please let us know if we can be of assistance. Kryterion is undergoing a UX and accessibility redesign.

  • Kryterion Test Centers are reopening.
  • Kryterion Online Remote Proctoring requires administrative rights to install software, a webcamera, a microphone, and a stable high-speed internet connection. 
    • During the COVID-19 pandemic we are accepting any installed web camera
    • Read more to see if your system meets these requirements on the Kryterion Online Proctoring requirements webpage
    • Test your camera and microphone settings on the Kryterion webcam checker webpage
    • Be aware that the remote proctors will watch and listen for behviors that may indicate reasons for them to suspend an exam. If any of these may be how you process information or review content, please consider Privately Proctored exams instead of Kryterion Online Remote Proctoring.
      • Listen for any spoken words, this inlcudes talking outloud to think through content
      • Leaning in to look at a monitor
      • Looking away at specific location/direction
      • No electronic or smart devices, including smart watches can be worn/in use
      • You may be asked to remove and show your glasses to ensure that they are not a smart device

Privately Proctored Exams

Privately proctored exams are an option available to everyone and are an ideal option for individuals who:

  • Use assistive technology
  • Require additional accommodations
  • Prefer not to travel or are unable to travel to a test center for their exam 

Proctors for IAAP Exams are volunteers you identify when possible. 

  • If you do not know someone who may be willing to be a volunteer proctor, IAAP will help identify a volunteer proctor from the community.
  • Or IAAP will provide a designated person to proctor remotely with the use of a virtual platform, web camera, and screen sharing.

Once you identify your volunteer proctor and provide IAAP with their name and email address, we will send your proctor an IAAP Proctor Guide and agreement. You will then arrange a date, time, and location for your exam that is agreeable to yourself and your proctor. There are no additional fees or financial burden associated with privately proctored exams. 

Proctor Requirements:

  • Currently CPACC or WAS certified OR sign a waiver agreeing not to sit for the CPACC and WAS exams for a minimum of one (1) year from the exam date
  • May not be a direct supervisor, report, or family member for any individual sitting for the examination (for special considerations during during COVID-19, contact the IAAP Certification Team)
  • Complete IAAP provided proctor training (approximately ten minutes) by reading and reviewing the IAAP Exam Proctor Manual
  • Complete provided Proctor Agreement Form attesting to these terms and conditions
  • Learn more about the roles and responsibilities for IAAP Private Proctors on our Private Proctoring webpage

Hosted Exam Events

Hosted exam sites are when an organization or event organizes an exam session. If one of these events is convenient to you or you use AT or require an accommodation you would bring your own AT enabled laptop and equipment, also available to non-AT or accommodation candidates who prefer this setting or location/date/time versus a Kryterion Test Center or Kryterion Online Remote Proctoring.. 

Host an Exam at your Facility

Interested in hosting an exam at your facility?  Hosting an exam is easy and a great way to show your support of your local accessibility community. Find out more on our Host an Exam page.

Exam Format

  • IAAP Exams are computer-based exams delivered as multiple-choice radio-button selection questions.
  • IAAP Exams allow two hours for administration unless additional time is requested as an accommodation
  • The CPACC Exam is 100 questions
  • The WAS Exam is 75 questions
  • All questions have four choices for responses
    • There are no double negatives
    • There are no true false questions
    • Three are incorrect responses known as distractors
    • One is the correct response
  • There is a feedback option at the end of each exam to provide feedback on the content of the exam or administration of the exam

Accommodations and Accessibility

  • IAAP offers an accessible form of our exams by Privately Proctored and Hosted Exam Events
    • IAAP will coordinate accommodation requests with each individual based on their requests on their application.
  • Krtyerion Test Centers and Online Remote Proctoring do not have a platform that allows use of assistive technology or the ability for remote proctors to communicate by text/captions.
    • Candidates who are blind, low-vision, use magnification, text-to-speech, or screen readers may choose a test center location.
      • The accommodation available at a test center in lieu of assistive technology is a reader and recorder in a private room.
      • Accommodations for a reader, recorder, and private room at a test center require a 30-day notice/request.
      • We recommend consideration of our privately proctored exam option so that you may utilize your equipment, software, and assistive technology of choice at a location of your choosing.
    • Additional time can be requested at Kryterion Test Centers and Online Remote Proctoring but will require a minimum of five (5) business days to confirm the availability of additional time scheduling
      • To schedule addtional time for Kryterion Online Remote Proctoring, you will receive an IAAP online payment URL
        • IAAP will coordinate with you for a series of dates and times.
        • IAAP will register you for the available Online Remote Proctored exams based on your proposed dates/times list
      • For Kryterion Test Centers, If you request additional time as an accommodation, please do not select close of day as test centers and online proctors will not extend their hours

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