Maintaining IAAP Certifications

Submit your Continuing Accessibility Education Credits (CAECs) via our online CAEC Sumbission Forms.
  • The new CAEC forms will automatically send you a record of your CAEC submissions.
  • Store a copy of your email along with your own record of your CAECs.
  • You will choose between Professional Development and Sharing Your Knowledge.
  • Then you will choose Pre-Approved or Not Pre-Approved/Unknown.
    • If you need to choose a combination of either Professional Development and Sharing Your Knowledge, you will need to submit one form for each.
    • If you need to submit both Pre-Approved and Not Pre-Approved/Unknown, you will need to submit one form for each.
  • You can submit multiple CAEC events in one form.
  • The new forms allow most assistive technologies to upload your supporting documentation.
    • There are opportunities to upload up to five documents.
Choose your credential's CAEC submission from the list below.

Obtaining an IAAP credential is a significant achievement. As technology, standards and practices change, it is important for all professionals to keep up with those changes. IAAP recognizes this and therefore requires each certificant to maintain their credentials through continuing education.

IAAP certification is valid for 3 years. Every three years, certificants will be required to:

  • Complete a specified number of hours of continuing accessibility education credits (dependent upon credential), which must be approved by IAAP

  • Submit an application for certification renewal

  • Pay the certification renewal fee at time of renewal. For IAAP members, the renewal fee is waived as part of your membership benefits as long as your membership has not lapsed during the three year period.

Individuals do not need to retake any of the exams to maintain their certification unless they allow their certification to lapse.

As technologies and professional expectations evolve, these renewal requirements are subject to change.

Continuing Accessibility Education Credits (CAECs)

The IAAP will offer Continuing Accessibility Education Credits (CAECs) for classes, workshops, webcasts, conference attendance, and other similar IAAP-approved activities. The IAAP will implement a process to allow other organizations or individuals to offer IAAP-approved continuing accessibility education credits for similar career-enhancing educational opportunities.

Types of Activities that May Qualify for Continuing Accessibility Education Credits:

  • Attending classes, workshops, webinars, and other educational events about accessibility

  • Presenting educational materials about accessibility outside your job function

  • Publishing articles, books, blogs, or other publications about accessibility

  • Participating in formal Mentoring programs in accessibility

  • Speaking engagements at IAAP or other approved educational events

  • Volunteer service with IAAP

Visit our Continuing Accessibility Education FAQ page for more information about how to submit your request for Continuing Accessibility Education Credits. Please submit your documentation through the CAEC submission forms listed above.

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