The Value of IAAP Membership

Whether you are an expert in accessibility or just starting this journey, join accessibility professionals from around the world who share a common goal: improve the value and reach of accessible products, content and services.

Our membership consists of individuals and organizations representing various industries. They include private sector businesses, government agencies, educational institutions and not-for-profits. We are a community of existing, developing and aspiring accessibility experts and leaders.

IAAP is a convergence of accessibility knowledge, best practices, experience and interests. Our goal is to define, promote and improve our profession through networking, education and certification. Join us.

Individual Professional Development

IAAP is committed to creating a pathway for individuals to acquire skills and knowledge or to pursue certification as an accessibility professional. As a member, you will gain valuable benefits. These include the ability to:
  • Build and contribute to accessibility roadmaps by shaping the future of accessibility through association work, blogs, forums, committees and agenda;
  • Get access to training materials and a number of webinars;
  • Contribute to learning and educational content, including content in our monthly news publications, as well as best practices and techniques;
  • Receive the IAAP newsletters and become active with various IAAP membership portal communities;
  • Network with other accessibility professionals and organizations globally and keep up to date on new and emerging technologies and current regulations and standards affecting information and communications technology (ICT) accessibility worldwide;
  • Complete a certification program to become an accessibility professional, enhancing your career and work opportunities; and
  • Get reduced conference fees and member discounts.

Organizational Development

IAAP is committed to helping organizations by providing the tools, information and resources needed to build accessibility programs and support employees who work as accessibility professionals.

IAAP organizational membership provides benefits that match the unique goals and needs of our member organizations. These include:
  • Network with other organizations around accessibility solutions and trends and road maps.
  • Demonstrate corporate commitment to accessibility by promoting IAAP and by displaying the IAAP logo on the organizations’ website and marketing materials
  • Access shared knowledge from members, best practices, and innovation
  • Keep up to date on current regulations and standards affecting information and communications technology (ICT) accessibility worldwide
  • Showcase the organization through sponsorships, advertising and leadership and supporting an accessibility maturity model
  • Access current and up to date training on accessibility
  • Get access to consultants/professionals based on a proven standard of accreditation and tools to assist with your organizational recruitment
  • Get reduced conference fees and member discounts

Community Development

IAAP is committed to creating a community of accessibility professionals who will shape the future of accessibility globally and create a powerful voice that will lead the world to commit to accessibility for all. 

Community benefits include a place to:
  • Foster powerful thought leadership and influence the direction of accessibility in the future
  • Contribute and collaborate to build learning content and materials
  • Find, share, and develop accessibility resources and best practices
  • Through collaboration, share new innovative and cutting edge ideas, approaches and solutions to current accessibility problems
  • Build professional and learning communities


All members will receive the benefit of networking. As an IAAP member, you will meet people with mutual interests and concerns from around the world. You will develop lasting relationships and new contacts, and you will create partnerships and tap into influencers within other organizations.

IAAP membership provides multiple avenues for networking. One of these is IAAP Connections. Here, you can engage in our private, secure online community with stimulating and inspiring conversation and blogs. Mentor others in areas of your expertise or seek coaching and advice from those with more experience. Finally, you will also find networking opportunities while attending in-person and online meetings, as well as conferences.

Learn more about our membership options, and join IAAP today!  You can also view our accessible membership pdf. 

Already an IAAP member? As a member and key supporter of IAAP, you have the benefit of showing your pride in being an IAAP member. We have provided you with the IAAP member logos to post on your website, post to social media or to include in e-mail signatures or within company communications. 

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What will make our profession strong is having you as a member. Regardless of your knowledge level in accessibility, we all play a role in growing this profession. Help guide us to being a great professional association serving our diverse needs.

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Through use of IAAP Connections, you can join an existing discussion or even start your own. You can also blog, upload resources to libraries and join some of our committees.

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