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May 2020


January 2020

IAAP Nordic Conference 31 of March
Welcome to IAAP Nordic Conference the 31th of March 2020. During this half-day conference we will give you the tools to succeed within accessibility. Join us and learn from market leaders and international experts how accessibility can be incorporated in the organization's identity and business goals!Upcoming Webinars:Webinar 11 March: Audible user interface - experience the web with your ears

Webinar 11 March: Audible user interface - experience the web with your ears
How do people without sight use the web? What challenges and opportunities are there when websites are not rendered visually? How does the interaction differ when websites are navigated using a screen reader.

Tapio Haanperä will show you different websites, making adjustments to HTML and demonstrating how these small adjustments affect accessibility when using a screen reader.

Register for March webinar

Conference 6th of May

Save the date! IAAP Nordic will host an event in Stockholm the 6th of May to present the insights, recommendations and good practice examples brought forward by the project Web Accessibility in Higher Education. The theme for the conference is how to best promote web accessibility education in higher education.

September 2019

Register for Webinar:  How to get Accessibility Testing to become a Self-playing Piano in your Organization - October 9th

In this webinar Andreas Cederbom from Useit will share his experiences of moving the accessibility question from a extra task to become a integrated part of the quality work.
More information and to register for the October 9th webinar.

Chapter Event in Stockholm - October 23rd

The chapter will be hosting an event on October 23rd in Stockholm with a focus on Cognitive Accessibility. You will learn more about dyslexia and how you can work with accessible text and pictures.
More information about October 23rd event.

Workshop on Web Accessibility in Higher Education - November 20th

Join us for a workshop at Lund University November 20th.  The theme for the workshop is Web Accessibility in Higher Education.
More information and to register for workshop.

August 2019

Free Workshops in Brussels!

EU-funded project We4Authors, Funka, EDF, ERRIN and ANEC invite you to join one of their interactive and free of charge workshops in Brussels. The 3 workshops are designed around built in accessibility in authoring tools in Bxl, targeting web professionals in different sectors:

  • PwD and DPOs
  • Public sector (covered by EU law)
  • Industry (delivering to public sector, who demand compliance)

More information and to register for a workshop in Brussels 

IAAP Nordic Webinar on September 10th: Prioritizing Accessibility

During this webinar, there will be discussion on the ethics of prioritizing accessibility issues, the factors affecting how prioritization happens and how to take control of the process in order to provide the best user experience possible for as many users as possible. 

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June 2019

Users as Experts Project

Website owners are looking for expertise in web accessibility, but there is not enough experts out there. Persons with disabilities have first hand experience of (lack of) accessibility, but many have a problem to find employment. Doesn’t this sound like something that could be combined?

IAAP Nordic and key partners in Sweden have recently been awarded funding for a pilot project about how the experiences and expertise of users with disabilities can be better taken care of when public sector agencies throughout EU struggle to comply with web accessibility regulations. The project is managed by the college of Furuboda Folkshögskola, and the partners are Funka and the Foundation for the Benefit of Visually Impaired as well as the Skåne Region.

This kind af project shows the strength of IAAP, says Frida Sandberg, Project Manager of IAAP Nordic Chapter. We hope a successful pilot can spread to other regions and countries as well.

The goal of the project is to increase the level of accessibility on public sector bodies websites by training more experts in the field. This is done by training people with disabilities to become experts so they can help supporting website owners, either as employed or consultants.

IAAP certification is the goal.

Based on the body of knowledge that IAAP has developed for certification of professionals in accessibility, the project will produce a college level training program. In addition, the goal is to develop a technical solution for the feedback mechanism that is based on user needs.

A part from requiring compliance to EN301549, the European Web Accessibility Directive also mandates that public sector agencies and municipalities offer a feedback mechanism where visitors can complain about lack of accessibility of the website. Well used, that service can provide valuable knowledge to the website owners and help to make the interfaces better for everyone. But to become useful, the feed back needs to be constructive and clear. 

Training users in how to explain accessibility problems in a constructive way is an important part of the project, says Susanna Laurin, Chief Research and Innovation Officer at Funka. That way persons with disabilities have a real chance to impact the accessibility of public sector websites.

The Swedish Innovation Agency Vinnova has granted a pre-study, which is the first step in a funding program called Challenge-driven Innovation.

For more information, please contact Frida Sandberg

April 2019

Last Chance to Register for IAAP Nordic event on April 8th!

Don't miss your chance to attend the first IAAP Nordic conference on April 8th!  This is a half day event in conjunction with Funka Accessibility Days in Stockholm.  Hear interesting case studies, best practices and participate in educational sessions. There will also be a panel, debate and networking opportunities.
See full Nordic Event Agenda and Register

Users as experts - reducing barriers on the web by utilising the target groups’ experiences

IAAP Nordic has been involved in a new project. The project aims to investigate the conditions for developing solutions where personal experiences of disabilities can be used as a resource and competence for increased web accessibility.

With the new web accessibility law, public actors have a greater need to understand what web accessibility means in practice, so that they can meet the new requirements. This knowledge is available to people with disabilities, but today there are no systematic approaches to utilizing this competence.

In the project, the project partners will explore the possibilities of developing

  • training to educate experts on accessibility among people with disabilities
  • a technical solution for people with disabilities to be able to provide more effective feedback on public websites

IAAP Nordic will work together with interest organizations and the public sector to investigate the needs and conditions, in Sweden and internationally. The purpose is to elevate personal knowledge and experience of disabilities to a recognized knowledge and competence.

The goal is both to improve the situation of persons with disabilities, notably on the job market, and to enhance the ability of public actors to comply with the new laws on web accessibility. 

March 2019

Registration is open for IAAP Nordic event 8th of April

On April 8th the IAAP Nordic will host a half-day event prior to Funka Accessibility Days in Stockholm.  The event will offer interesting case studies, best practices and educational sessions. There will also be a panel, debate and networking opportunities.
See full Nordic Event Agenda and Register

IAAP CPACC and WAS Exams offered at Funka Accessibility Days

Exams will be offered on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 from 8 - 10 a.m.  Applications and payments are due by April 2.
Apply for IAAP Certification exam in Stockholm, April 9th

Workshop in Helsinki on May 27th

This is the second workshop in a series organized to explore how web accessibility can be integrated better into existing higher education curricula and how to best prepare students for the new market demands in the field. 
More information on the Helsinki Workshop

February 2019

Save the Date!  IAAP Nordic event 8th of April!

IAAP Nordic is organizing a half-day event in connection to the Funka Accessibility Days on the 8th of April 2019 in Stockholm!  This will be the first face-to-face meet up for all our Nordic members.

More information and to register for Nordic Conference

January 2019

February Webinar Announced

On February 11th, IAAP Nordic will host a webinar with UX in focus. The speaker is Torbjørn Helland Solhaug from Bouvet in Norway. Torbjörn will go through what you as a UX designer can do to make the user experience the best for all users, and talk about who's affected if you make the wrong choices.

More information and to register for February 11th Webinar (Norwegian text)

Successful Collaboration of Nordic Chapter, G3ict and Funka

On December 5th,  a one-day event on European Web Accessibility Regulations was held in Brussels.  Participants from 15 countries heard from a prestigious group of speakers and received updates on the latest news regarding the European Accessibility Act.

More information and recap on the European Event

December 2018

Next IAAP Nordic Webinar

On February 12,  IAAP Nordic will arrange a webinar with UX in focus. The speaker is Torbjørn Helland Solhaug from Bouvet in Norway. Torbjörn will go through what you as a UX designer can do to make the user experience the best for all users, and talk about who's affected if you make the wrong choices.

Read more about IAAP Nordic Webinar (norwegian text)

Welcome New Local Founder

IAAP Nordic pleased to announce a new local founder:  Handelsbanken.

Update on first workshop on Web Accessibility in Higher Education

Last month, IAAP Nordic held its first workshop in a series on Web Accessibility in Higher Education. Around 50 participants from the public sector and 6 different universitites gathered for a workshop at Oslo Metropolitan university. The topic for the day was how to make sure accessibility training becomes part of the curricula.

Read full report on Nordic Chapter worksop.

November 2018

Web Accessibility in Higher Education

IAAP Nordic is joining forces with four leading universities in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland as well as accessibility specialists company Funka Nu AB to set up a network to promote and strengthen web accessibility education throughout the Nordic countries. The project is funded by Nordplus.

The two year project takes a cross-sectoral approach involving higher education institutes, as well as non-profit and private sector providers of web accessibility training. During the project, partners will analyse the current status of web accessibility training in higher education and gather best practices for dissemination.

A series of workshops and a conference will be organised in 2018 - 2020 to explore questions such as how web accessibility can be better integrated into existing curricula and how to best prepare students for the new demands of the market in this field. The aim is to lay the basis for a broad cross-sectoral co-operation that will encourage innovative ways to advance learning on web accessibility in ICT education. The first workshop will be held in Oslo November 21th.

Workshop November 21 (in Norwegian)
Web Accessibility in Higher Education


October 2018

IAAP Nordic Launches First Webinar Series in Nordic Languages - Fall 2018

On November 28, Per-Olof Hedvall, from Certec, Lund University (Sweden), will give an introduction to Universal Design and which methods are available when working with it.  The webinar will be held in Swedish. You can sign up by emailing

IAAP Nordic Chapter Leader Susanna Laurin Presented at World Destinations for All 2018 in Brussels October 1-2.

This is the 2nd World Summit on Accessible Destinations for All.  The objective of the summit is to share best practices with the tourism sector in order to consolidate a global network of destinations for all, accessible to people with specific needs.  Susanna presented a session on "Making Your Destination Inclusive and Accessible to All" and represented IAAP. 

September 2018

IAAP Nordic has arranged an exclusive, high-level, full day conference on digital accessibility regulations in Brussels on December 5, 2018.  With key speakers from the European Commission and leading subject matter experts in the field, this day will provide all the information you need regarding legal requirements on accessibility. The event will cover the Procurement Directive, the Web Accessibility Directive and the planned European Accessibility Act (EAA). 

More information on the IAAP Nordic Conference on Web Accessibility

June 2018

On 31 May, IAAP Nordic held an information meeting in Oslo. Around 50 people attended. There was also time for some networking, and the audience engaged in interesting discussions about accessibility and the advantages of getting a certification. The next information meeting will be held in Helsinki in the autumn. 

Furthermore, the Nordic Chapter has a new local founder: Social Digital, from Denmark. They help DPOs and organisations from the public and private sectors to create viable digital solutions – solutions that make a difference for people with special needs. Welcome, Social Digital!

May 2018

We are pleased to announce the Funka NU, Nordic Chapter Lead, is now an Approved Certification Preparation Provider.  Training is available in three languages:
Funka Training in English
Funka Training in Swedish
Funka Training in Norwegian

Frida Sandberg, Project Manager at  IAAP Nordic and Samantha Evans, Certification Manager at IAAP held a successful speech with the title, ”Finally Certification within Accessibility” at Funka Accessibility Days in Stockholm, Sweden. 350 professionals within accessibility attended the meeting. The feedback was very positive and followed by more than two hours of really in-depth conversations with attendees after the session.  

March 2018

The Nordic chapter will hold an information meeting about IAAP during Funka Accessibility Days April 17-18th in Stockholm, Sweden.  The meeting will gather around 300 accessibility professionals from all Nordic countries.

Frida Sandberg, Project Manager IAAP Nordic and Samantha Evans, Certification Manager at IAAP will join the meeting and inform the audience about member benefits and the IAAP certification program.

A website for the Nordic chapter will be launched shortly.

January 2017

On January 15, the Nordic chapter got its project leader Frida Sandberg on board. This means we now have the possibility to be much more active and starting our local activities. The first information meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark, was just as successful as the previous ones in other Nordic countries have been, with an active audience covering universities, ICT-companies, disabled persons organizations and public sector agencies.

It is quite obvious that there is a need for a platform or forum to discuss accessibility issues. This certainly goes for Denmark as well as the other countries in the chapter. The meeting resulted in a lot of new contacts and a row of potential new members.

At the same time, we can see an increase in interest in certification from ICT-companies, particularly in Norway.

We will keep on inviting to information meetings in parallel with building up the local advisory board.

Photo taken at the first Nordic Chapter information meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Image shows a meeting room full of people facing a speaker in the front of the room. White boards display information being presented to audience.
Photo taken at first Nordic Chapter information meeting held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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