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Pina D'Intino
Accessibility Consultant | Leadership, Organizational Transformation, Cultural Change | AODA

Every year since 2012, on the 3rd Thursday of May, organizations around the world reaffirm their commitment to digital accessibility. Founder Joe Devon introduced the concept of Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) on November 27, 2011 through a blog. “First, let’s agree on a Global Accessibility Awareness Day."  This will be a day of the year where web developers across the globe try to raise awareness and know-how on making websites accessible.

On this day, every web developer will be urged to test at least one page on their site in an accessibility tool. After fixing up the page, they are urged to blog about what they changed and inspire others to follow suit. 

Let’s continue this challenge!  This groundbreaking challenge encouraged many developers, designers, and testers to learn more about digital accessibility and what needs to be done to ensure websites are accessible.  Since then we have seen several revisions in accessibility standards and guidelines, introduction of new accessibility laws, regulations, and requirements around the globe. We have seen an array of accessibility tools and features become mainstream and we have heard more from people who might be directly and indirectly affected by the lack of accessible products and services whether they have a disability or not.  

More recently, this COVID-19 pandemic has raised the need for digital accessibility and more importantly it has taught us that it is possible.  Are we there yet?  The 2019-2020 Million Webaim survey revealed that out of over 1 million home pages, 98.1% of websites have a detectable accessibility defect based on WCAG 2.1 guidelines using automated audits.  Another research project from Accessibility Oz, reveals that social platforms like Facebook can at times release an average of 5 changes per day. What works today may not work tomorrow.  While perfection for accessibility can be subjective and can be difficult to achieve, it is important to also recognize the progress we have made and recognize where we need more work.  Accessibility is a journey that we are all taking together. 
On this GAAD 2020 Pina D’Intino, an Accessibility Strategist and owner of Aequum Global Access invites you to explore and share the successes you have made. Test your website or mobile app today using a screen reader or other assistive technologies such as voice over or speech to text, using only one hand, changing font size, etc.

Explore and familiarize yourself with the new accessibility features to help you achieve accessibility in IOS devices, Android and M365.

Ensure all your social media platforms and links are tested.

Maybe you have been successful at including accessible procurement practices in place for your organization, let us know how that is going.

Share what action or activities have helped your organization become more accessible and inclusive through videos, blogs or tweets you may have shared.  Check out the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP) website for more on accessibility and what other professionals are doing.

Let’s keep talking and challenging each other.


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