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IAAP, an international non-profit association, is made up of Accessibility Professionals from around the world who come together to define, promote, and improve the accessibility profession through certification, professional education, and networking.   

The IAAP Accessibility Professional Subject Matter Expert (SME) Speakers Bureau has been developed to support both Individual Members in marketing their services and our Organizational Members who require Subject Matter Experts with in-depth knowledge on a variety of accessibility topics.  IAAP Speakers Bureau SME applicants are IAAP members that are vetted through our Organizational Professional Development (OPD) Committee. 

Whether you are looking for SME Speakers to engage with your organization through seminars, workshops, motivational keynote presentations, or to support dedicated accessibility work, the IAAP Speakers Bureau is a great place to connect your organization with knowledgeable and engaging subject matter experts. 

How IAAP Helps

The IAAP SME Speakers Bureau can help guide your organization.  Listed below are some of the options of how IAAP can help.
  • Seminars.  IAAP can work with our subject matter experts to provide formal presentations leading to interactive discussions around a variety of topics.  
  • Workshops.  IAAP can work with our subject matter experts to provide informational and instructional workshops focused on teaching specialized skills or exploring a specific subject.  
  • Motivational Keynotes.  IAAP can work with our subject matter experts to raise interest and motivate participants around a main underlying theme.   
  • Professional Accessibility Certification Seminars or Workshops.  The IAAP Approved Certification Preparation Provider Program is a partnership between the IAAP and industry education programs (both classroom and online) to assist in preparing candidates for IAAP professional certification exams. IAAP approved certification preparation providers teach to the knowledge and skills included on the certification content as outlined in the exam Body of Knowledge.  
  • Professional Development Virtual, On-site, or Blended Production Services.  IAAP can work with your organization and our certified SME’s to produce topic and industry sector specific webinar services.  Our team can provide consultation, development, and delivery services.  
  • Contractual Technical Assistance.  IAAP can work with our subject matter experts to enhance specific initiatives such as responding to request for proposals or accessibility related contract deliverables. 


IAAP Speakers Bureau is a membership value-added benefit.  Services of the SME will be contracted directly by the organizational member and are exclusive of IAAP.  Based on the scope of work and the required involvement of IAAP, there could be a consultation overhead fee applicable to IAAP.  If IAAP is asked to lead the development of a program, in conjunction with the selected Speakers Bureau SME(s), a quote will be generated for the services.   

Who we Service

The goal of the IAAP Speakers Bureau is to serve our individual and organizational members with offering a pool of vetted accessibility SMEs.  Our SME's are drawn from IAAP's diverse membership base from the corporate, government, and non-for-profit sectors.  Sectors such as education, information technology, human resources, insurance, health care, financial industry, tourism, and others are represented in our professional association. 

About the Topics

IAAP has SMEs for a broad range of topics including the digital accessibility spectrum as well as the built environment.  Here are just a few of the topics areas our SMEs can provide assistance with:  

Digital Accessibility Spectrum: assistive technology (AT), auditing/testing, digital content, future of work, e-learning, inclusive design, web accessibility, workplace accommodations (digital), Smart Cities, and other topics. 

Built Environment: universal design; design of public spaces; auditing of the built environment; workplace accommodations (physical space); policy, code, standard, and legislative development and its current applications (specific regions or international focus), fire/life safety, disaster risk recovery, and other topics. 

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