IAAP Approved Certification Preparation Providers

The IAAP does not currently offer an "official" IAAP certification preparation training curriculum, however, the IAAP does provide existing third-party organizations the opportunity to become an IAAP approved certification preparation provider. The IAAP Approved Certification Preparation Provider Program is a partnership between the IAAP and adult education programs to assist in preparing candidates for the IAAP professional certification exam. IAAP approved certification preparation programs teach to the knowledge and skills included on the exam content outline and are essential for practice as a certified professional in the accessibility industry.*

By becoming an IAAP Approved Certification Preparation Provider, your organization will display its commitment to delivering high quality education and training for exam candidates. IAAP Approved Certification Preparation Providers are required to demonstrate compliance in their programs with all areas of the exam content outline.

Current Approved Certification Preparation Providers

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Application Requirements

All IAAP Approved Certification Preparation Providers must be IAAP Members and complete a formal application. Applications will be thoroughly reviewed by the IAAP Certification Committee and must meet all requirements.

All applications must include the following information for submission:
  • Course Description: As listed in any advertising and/or promotional materials
  • Course Objectives: Measurable learning objectives for the course that will be disclosed to learners
  • Content Outline and Course Syllabus: Content outline must include all domains included on the exam content outline.
  • Lead Faculty/Course Instructor Name and Credentials (See below for more information)
  • Course Instructor CVs
  • Number of Hours for Entire Course Completion 
  • Course Schedule: Dates and time of the course (if applicable)
  • Prerequisites for the course (if applicable)
  • Date of most recent revision to the course design
  • Presentation and Course Materials (or a username/password only for use by IAAP staff)
  • Number of anticipated course participants enrolled in course annually
  • Annual educational/training unit revenue: See below chart for details

All application information submitted is for review purposes only and will be kept confidential by IAAP.

Course Instructor Requirements

All instructors must possess a minimum of five (5) years’ experience in the accessibility industry with demonstrated experience teaching course work in accessibility including web design, software engineering, hardware engineering, consumer and industrial product design, transportation, architecture and the built environment, online learning and educational accommodations.

CPACC course instructors must hold a current CPACC certification.  WAS course instructors (for calendar year 2017) must plan to sit for the WAS exam or hold the WAS designation.  Each approved program must ensure that their instructors have the requisite set of knowledge and skills to teach the curriculum as indicated by both years of experience and level of education.

Benefits of IAAP Approved Certification Preparation Providers

All IAAP Approved Certification Preparation Providers receive the following benefits:

  • Opportunity to position your organization as a registered IAAP Certification Preparation Provider 
  • Ability to use the IAAP Certification Preparation Provider logo on your website and in promotional materials to denote your partnership with IAAP
  • Recognition on the IAAP website which will list your course schedule and links to your organization’s website 
  • Access to IAAP certification resources and the IAAP Headquarters team to help answer your questions and your students’ questions regarding the certification program. 


Fees are based on the following levels of anticipated Annual Educational Revenue. Fees are paid annually to IAAP:

Annual Education/Training Revenue:

$10,000 or less
  • Annual Fee*: $750
$10,001 - $24,999
  • Annual Fee**: $1,000
$25,000 - $49,999
  • Annual Fee*: $2,500
$50,000 - $99,999
  • Annual Fee*: $3,500
$100,000 or more
  • Annual Fee*: $5,000

*Paid to IAAP and all fees in US dollars. 

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