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Accessibility Now News 

"Accessibility Now News" is IAAP's monthly newsletter providing you with a digest of curated news clips that highlight issues and developments affecting the accessibility industry. Our goal is to select only the most relevant accessibility news from a variety of sources, then give you the chance to dig deeper into the topics you’re most interested in.

"Accessibility Now News" is free and available to anyone interested in accessibility issues -- you do not have to be an IAAP member to receive it. We hope that by making “Accessibility Now News” available to everyone, we can continue to raise awareness within all communities about the importance of accessibility.

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We encourage you to get involved by helping ensure the news we include is relevant to all our readers. If you see any news articles you think would be useful to our community, please send them to Please note that while we carefully select the articles that appear in this newsletter, IAAP does not endorse any of the companies mentioned or take a stand on any of the articles included in “Accessibility Now News.”

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