IAAP Committees

The board has created the following committees, which are made up of professionals who are also committed to the success of IAAP.

Audit and Finance Committee

Provide oversight to the budget to ensure sound financial practices.

  • Provide review and oversight to the financial reports, investments and records to ensure the organization’s continued viability
  • Provide guidance to the preparation of an annual budget
  • Provide guidance to the preparation and review of an audit
  • Recommend an audit firm to the board every 5 years
  • Audit and Finance Committee:
    • Jay Cardinali (Chair)
    • Drew LaHart
    • Mark McCusker
    • Mary Jean Smith

Membership Committee

Develop strategy for new and continued membership involvement.
  • Recruitment of new members and retention of current members
  • Student outreach
  • Strategize new member engagement
  • Membership Committee: membercomm@accessibilityassociation.org
    • Ty D’Amore (Chair)
    • Pina D’Intino
    • Kevin Hower
    • Christopher Law
    • Nigel Lewis
    • Rachel Paul
    • Rob Sinclair
    • Mary Smith 
    • Sharon Spencer

Certification Committee

We are creating two committees to play a key role in the Certification process:

Certification Committee

The Certification Committee shall be responsible for overseeing the IAAP certification program, policies and activities and for monitoring compliance with all applicable regulations and accreditation requirements.

Committee members to be announced.

Competencies Development and Recommendation (CDR) Committee

The CDR Committee shall oversee the creation of IAAP’s materials to support IAAP’s Certification including the development of the Body of Knowledge (BOK) needed for each Certification exam.  The BOK document outlines the knowledge and skills expected of candidates seeking to obtain the Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC) credential or the Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS) credential.  Sub-groups within this committee will be formed for each exam area (CPACC, WAS, other) to assist in the BOK, exam question writing, and exam review.

Committee members to be announced.

Nominations Committee

Determine slate of candidates for IAAP Global Leadership Council annual election.

  • Review applications for IAAP's Global Leadership Council
  • Interview candidates for Global Leadership Council
  • Vet candidates for Global Leadership Council slate

Individual Professional Development Committee

Develop and implement professional development framework for individuals working in accessibility.

  • Determine educational content for IAAP's webinar program
  • Discuss core competencies currently being developed across specific domains
  • Individual Professional Development Committee: ipdc@accessibilityassociation.org 
    • Kathy Wahlbin (Chair)
    • Aaron Bangor
    • Alastair Campbell
    • Jay Cardinali
    • Helen Chamberlain
    • Pina D’Intino
    • Jon Gunderson
    • Katie Haritos-Shea
    • Christian Vinten Johansen
    • Matt May
    • Chris O’Brien

Organizational Development Committee

Develop resources and programs for organizations, corporations, and government entities to grow accessibility strategy.

  • Share best practices and discuss business case for accessibility
  • Gather, create, and vet documents to curate a resource library housed on IAAP's website
  • Organizational Development Committee: odc@accessibilityassociation.org
    • Chris Law (Chair)
    • Pina D’Intino 
    • Curt Holst
    • Elianna James
    • Chris O’Brien
    • Albert Rizzi
    • Julie Romanowski
    • Rob Sinclair
    • Paul Smyth 

IAAP Accessibility Taskforce

IAAP is committed to ensuring that all services and products provided through our membership meet the highest level of accessibility. To ensure accessibility compliance, the IAAP leadership has designated an internal Accessibility Taskforce.

The charge of the Taskforce is to ensure that
 accessibility is taken into account in every aspect of the organization, including, but not limited to, procurement, development, certification, education, training, and communication/marketing.  The Accessibility Taskforce addresses best practices in accordance with international standards. Taskforce activities include:


  • Providing internal and external accessibility audits on services and products
  • Ensuring that IAAP vendors meet accessibility procurement standards
  • Ensuring that IAAP events meet accessibility protocols
  • IAAP Accessibility Taskforce:
    • Christopher Lee (Chair)
    • John Rempel
    • Albert Rizzi
    • Anthony Buonaspina
    • Tanner Gers
    • Sharon Spencer

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