ADS Certificants

ADS Certificants

Congratulations to those receiving the designation of Accessible Document Specialist (ADS)




  • Matt Allen, Deque Systems
  • Aaron Arvig, Department of Human Services
  • David Berman, David Berman Communications
  • Karina Boycheva, Deque Systems
  • Janette Campbell, Mohawk College
  • Dax Castro, Jacobs
  • Bevi Chagnon,
  • Nancy Chan, Self-employed
  • Yohai Cohen, WeCo Solutions
  • Shirley Cohen Schwartz, WeCo Solutions


  • Alladin Elteira, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  • Marinette Fargo, University of Guelph
  • Paul Ferrara, APH
  • Samantha Fischer, State of Minnesota
  • Elizabeth Franklin, CommonLook
  • Ankush Garg, QA InfoTech Software Services
  • Delphine Gilbert-Laurendeau, Employment and Social Development Canada
  • Elizabeth Grant, Tamman Inc.
  • Sonja Guice, Forbes Accessibility
  • Matisse Hamel-Nelis, CNIB
  • Katey Hügi, University of Cambridge
  • Jennifer Hurst, WeCo Accessibility Services
  • Avery Hymel, CommonLook
  • Vijay Rajendra Prasad Jaladi, HCL
  • Tarveen Kaur, Magic EdTech
  • Ashok Kumar, Magic EdTech
  • Himanshu Kumar, Magic EdTech
  • Patrick Kurtz, AudioEye


  • Roch Lambert, Government of Canada (ESDC)
  • Donna Lettow, State of Maryland, Division of Rehabilitation Services
  • Tiffany Lippy, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Jennifer Lorenzen, Bixal
  • Hadley Luker, Level Access
  • Karen McCall, Carlen Communications
  • Thomas McCarthy, Prudential
  • Juliette McShane, Access2Online
  • Hiral Mehta, Freelancer
  • Sean Mills, Prudential Financial Ltd.
  • Aakash Misra, HCL Technologies Ltd.
  • Aoife Murphy, Pramerica
  • Rosemarie Musachio, Ruh Global Impact
  • Susan Paré, Susan Paré Eformatting Services
  • Moniqa Paullet, Istation
  • Susi Quinn, Home Office UK
  • Paul Rayius, CommonLook
  • Julie Romanowski, State Farm


  • Sheena Salmon, DiscoverTec
  • Josephine Schwebler, CPS-IT GmbH/familie redlich
  • Prashant Shukla, Magic EdTech
  • Damian Sian, Prudential
  • Jagdish Singh, Magic EdTech
  • Valorie Sundby, Optum
  • Martina Svyantek, University of Virginia
  • Jason Theodorou, Department for Transport (DfT)
  • Elizabeth Thomas, New Jersey Department of Education
  • Heather Thomas, The Carroll Center for the Blind
  • Kathryn Weber-Hottleman, University of Connecticut
  • Michael J. Young, Government of Ontario
  • Rebecca Zmarzly, Poly

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