GLC Charter

In its advisory capacity, the GLC is consulted and provides advice and recommendations to the IAAP Managing Director and G3ict management on:

Operational Matters:

  • Organization’s annual budget and operational plans;
  • Evaluation of the Managing Director and IAAP staff’s performance on a regular basis compared to the organization’s mission and annual goals;
  • Hiring of Managing Director.

Strategy and Organization Development:

  • Preparation and development of the triennial IAAP strategic plan and setting of long-term goals;
  • Review of directions and results achieved by the IAAP Managing Director and staff team vs. long-range goals;
  • Provides candid and constructive criticism, advice, and comments on strategy and organization development;
  • Provides advice on major actions of the organization and major changes in programs and services.

IAAP Governance:

  • Reviews and revisions of major IAAP policies and Rules & Policies for approval by the Board of Directors of G3ict;
  • Advice and recommendations on the governance and oversight of the organization;
  • Determination of eligibility for and appointment of members to GLC committees in response to recommendations of the Nominations Committee;
  • Liaison as assigned to IAAP Committees and Task Forces;
  • Reviews of the performance of the IAAP committees and of the GLC (including its composition, organization, and responsibilities) and offers advice on steps to improve their performance.

GLC Advisory Processes

In fulfilling its responsibilities, the GLC organizes its work as follows:

1. Votes - When specific recommendations are made by the GLC, those are put to vote among all GLC members, by the GLC Chair upon request, by the Managing Director or G3ict President, or upon the initiative of the GLC Chair if requested to do so by several GLC members.

2. GLC Recommendations - The recommendations voted by the GLC are memorialized and made available in the GLC IAAP Connections folder.  Follow-up reports by the Managing Director should then reference those recommendations.

3. Preparation of Recommendations - The Managing Director, in consultation with the GLC Chair, can assign the preparation of key GLC recommendations to IAAP Committees or GLC Task Forces prior to plenary GLC reviews, discussions and vote. 

4. Review of IAAP Committees’ Progresses - The GLC Chair, in coordination with the Managing Director sets a calendar to review the progress of the work of all IAAP Committees at least twice a year.  Summary progress reports must be presented to the GLC with key metrics/milestones for each committee to the GLC for follow-up and recommendations.

5. Interaction with IAAP Management and Staff - The GLC interacts primarily with the IAAP Managing Director and G3ict President and Treasurer.  Unless specified in the context of a Task Force or assignment, individual members of the GLC should not provide direct guidance, input of unsolicited advice to IAAP staff members.

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