What Makes An Accessible Kiosk Application

What Makes An Accessible Kiosk Application

Live Broadcast Date:  Wednesday, March 24, 2021
Time: 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. EST | 3:00 pm GMT
Speaker(s): Laura Boniello Miller, Corporate Business Development Manager, Vispero and Rachael Bradley Montgomery, Director, Accessible Community
Target Audience: Application Developers, Accessibility Professionals, Marketing 
Skill Level: Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced

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Kiosk applications must be built to be accessible and work with a screen reader such as JAWS.  Learn how and when to apply WCAG 2.1/2.2 AA and AAA to your upcoming or existing kiosk deployment. How are kiosk applications different from traditional websites or mobile applications and what should you consider in developing one? Building an accessible kiosk is only partially about kiosk hardware. The accessibility of kiosk software should also be considered in order to build a cohesive accessible kiosk experience.

Participants will learn:

  • Kiosk Application Design Overview
  • Define/review kiosk application accessibility requirements
  • Accessibility best practices for kiosk applications

Speaker Bios:

Laura Boniello Miller
Laura Boniello Miller
brings a wealth of experience in the area of kiosk system software and hardware, having spent six years in the kiosk industry across vertical markets such as: museums, libraries, school systems, health care, government, and more.  She is a Corporate Business Development Manager for the JAWS Kiosk program at Vispero, parent company of The Paciello Group, and Freedom Scientific, to name a few. She writes & speaks prolifically on all things kiosk-accessibility related. ||She graduated from Yale University (BA) and the University of Pennsylvania (MS) studying Organizational Behavior and Educational Leadership.

Rachael Bradley Montgomery
Rachael Bradley Montgomery, PhD has 20 years of experience in accessibility, human computer interaction, and disability-related education. She currently consults on web and kiosk accessibility and leads Accessible Community, a charity dedicated to helping small organizations that cannot afford conventional accessibility assistance become more inclusive of people with disabilities. Rachael has a PhD from University of Maryland, College Park and an MS from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. She teaches accessibility and usability engineering in various settings, chairs the W3C Accessibility Guidelines Working Group and co-facilitates the COGA task force. 

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