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Welcome to the IAAP Resource Library. The IAAP Resource Library contains a collection of resources and programs that are collected, gathered, and developed by the Organizational Development Committee (ODC). The mission of the ODC is to develop resources and programs by which organizations, corporations and government entities can learn and grow their accessibility strategies so as to increase overall access and opportunities for persons with disabilities. 

The ODC welcomes your participation by submitting your own resources for the IAAP Resource Library, contributing to current discussions with members and by joining the ODC.  Resource submissions can be sent to marketing@accessibilityassociation.orgDiscover how you can get involved.


  • Accessibility Roles and Responsibilities
    • Mapping WCAG2 to Project Roles (Download file)
      • Authored by Sarah Bourne, Director of IT Accessibility, MassIT, the Mapping WCAG2 to Project Roles document considers all 61 success criteria for WCAG 2.0 Level A, AA, and AAA against 10 roles that span software project responsibilities.
    • Model ICT Accessibility Policy Report
      • Set of six model policies to help governments worldwide comply with the technology aspects of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).
  • Procurement Processes
  • Best Practices
    • Best Practice Guides from the Technology Taskforce – Business Disability Forum. The Technology Taskforce is a group of individuals from leading UK and global organisations, working together, to improve the use of inclusive design and accessible technology. The Taskforce provides tools, best practice, networking opportunities and technology industry influence to help organizations to create and deploy more accessible technology.
  • Accessibility Maturity Model
    • Key to embedding accessibility within an organization, is the use of the Accessibility Maturity Model, developed by global businesses such as GSK, Barclays, Atos, Shell and KPMG working with the Business Disability Forum.
  • Misc. Guides and other Resources
    • Accessibility Switchboard Portal
      • The resources on the Accessibility Switchboard Portal are designed to include actionable intelligence that is based on proven success stories (case studies) provided by the community of practice members and related initiatives. The guides build on past work in the field of access to technology by including pointers to existing books, websites, webinars, online training courses, and other resources.
    • Wayfindr eLearning Cource: Audio-based Indoor and Outdoor Network Navigation System for Persons with Vision Impairment
      • The course provides proficiency in developing and installing audio navigation using Recommendation ITU-T F.921: Audio-Based Indoor and Outdoor Network Navigation System for Persons with Vision Impairment. This course includes an introduction to vision impairment and scrutinizes the steps required to design, implement and manage an audio-based navigation system for persons with vision impairment.
  • Higher Education Resource Library

IAAP Member-Only Resources

  • Professional Development Framework
  • Business Case - Small University Accessibility Strategy
  • Accessibility Curriculum Module
    • Introduction to Accessibility
  • Digital Web Competencies
  • Procurement Processes
    • Policy Driven Adoption for Accessibility PPT from CSUN
  • Technical Practices
    • Accessibility Principles PPT PDF
    • Diverse Personas
    • Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools List
      • This page provides a list of evaluation tools that you can filter to find ones that match your particular needs.
  • Integration / Implementation of Accessibility
    • Guidance for Creating IT Policy on Accessibility 1.0
    • Proposed Accessibility Statements
  • Self Assessment Tools/Models
    • Accessibility Program Self-Assessment
  • IAAP Connections Platform
    • The Connection Platform is an virtual tool where IAAP accessibility professional members come together to discuss industry trends, share resources, network with peers and seek/give advice with one another on global issues and trends in a wide-range of Connections Communities.

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