Section 508 Refresh - Understanding the New Requirements

Section 508 Refresh - Understanding the New Requirements

Recording Date: Thursday, March 23, 2017
Length: 1.5 hours
Speaker: Tim Springer, CEO, SSB BART Group
Target Audience: Accessibility Professionals, Policymakers, Program Managers, Executives/General Managers.
Skill Level: Intermediate

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Overview: A comprehensive review of the key differences between the current Section 508 requirements and the proposed requirements of the 508 Refresh, the expected timeline, and recommended testing techniques and best practices to ensure compliance.

In February 2015 the U.S. Access Board submitted an official proposed rule to revise and update the ICT Standards and Guidelines as covered by Section 508 to reflect modern technology. The Section 508 Refresh will include a broad application of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. WCAG 2.0 includes a series of guidelines that cover four universal design concepts and three levels of fulfillment criteria. Many features that currently meet Section 508 requirements will no longer be compliant under WCAG 2.0. This session focuses on:

1. Key differences between the current Section 508 requirements and the proposed 508 Refresh.
2. The expected timeline for the Section 508 Refresh.
3. Functional performance requirements in the Refresh.
4. Requirements and technical standards for electronic documents.
5. Interoperability requirements for compatibility with assistive technology and accessibility features.
6. The necessary testing types and techniques to ensure compliance with the proposed requirements.

  • Define key differences between the current Section 508 requirements and the proposed 508 Refresh.
  • Understand the proposed timeline for rulemaking and implementation.
  • Understand the types of testing required to ensure compliance with the proposed Section 508 requirements. 
Speaker Bio: As the co-founder and CEO of SSB BART Group, Tim Springer had the vision of creating a world where all digital systems are accessible to people with disabilities. Tim has dedicated nearly two decades to ensuring that technology will not only meet regulatory standards but also support real world use by individuals with disabilities. As a leader in the digital accessibility industry, Tim has provided compliance solutions to thousands of organizations as well as advised large corporations and Federal agencies on technical challenges and best practices required to successfully achieve accessibility, including the Social Security Administration, Hewlett-Packard and Wells Fargo Bank. As the creator and designer of SSB's core technology, Tim led the development of InFocus, the industry's first commercial software for testing web accessibility. In addition to InFocus, Tim also served as the chief architect for the Unified Audit Methodology and Accessibility Management Platform (AMP), SSB's proprietary accessibility solutions. During Tim's tenure as CEO, he has expanded the company to three locations in California, Virginia, and New Hampshire and oversaw the acquisition and integration of Bartimaeus Group LLC and TecAccess LLC.


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