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Chapter Leader(s):

Andre Meixner
Anne-Marie Nebe

Chapter Project Leader:

Anne-Marie Nebe

Chapter Lead Organization:

T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH
Test and Integration Center
Riesaer Straße 5, 01129 Dresden, Germany 
Postfach 10 02 24, 01072 Dresden, Germany
Tel.: +49 351 2820-2562

Chapter News

Current Local Founders

T-Systems Multimedia Solutions facilitates the digital transformation of large corporations and medium-sized companies. With an annual 2018 turnover of € 180 million, it enables its customers to develop new digital business models for Industrial IoT, Customer Experience, New Work and Digital Reliability. Leveraging its consulting and technical expertise with some 2,000 employees at seven locations, the digital service provider also offers dynamic web and application management. As market leader it offers the first certified test laboratory for the internet and multimedia industry, delivering the highest standards of software quality, accessibility and IT security. With more than 400 annual projects, our lab is the biggest certified test center for accessibility and usability in Germany.

The Mobile & Wireless Forum (MWF) is an international association of companies with an interest in mobile and wireless communications including the evolution to 5G and the Internet of Things. One of the MWF’s flagship projects is the GARI database whose mission is to inform consumers about existing accessibility solutions in the market today and specifically to help them identify devices with features that best meet their individual needs. This includes mobile phones with built-in screen readers, ‘simple access’ for persons who find today’s user interfaces overwhelming, wearables with haptic feedback, Smart TVs that allow voice recognition for accessing features, or mobile apps that have been developed specifically to help overcome a barrier in daily life like finding accessible locations. GARI currently covers five product groups with information on the accessibility features of more than 1,500 individual devices in 18 languages. More information on the MWF can be found at www.mwfai.org. 

E.J. Krause & Associates, Inc (EJK) is an international exhibition and conference management company with HQ in Washington D.C., offices in Beijing and Tokyo and European HQ in Düsseldorf.  EJK and the Global Initiative for Inclusive Information and Communication Technologies (G3ict)  jointly organize M-Enabling Summit since 2011. This conference on digital accessibility and assistive technologies with accompanying showcase is held annually in Washington D.C.
In Europe EJK Germany and G3ict organize the M-Enabling Forum Europe in Düsseldorf.
The European legislation is aimed to make digital content and services accessible for all people. The work of the IAAP DACH will be an essential step to build and standardize the competence for digital accessibility. We at EJK regard M-Enabling Forum Europe as the platform which supports the German Chapter and where experts from IAAP DACH can network and present their work.

The Hilfsgemeinschaft – the Austrian Association in support of the blind and visually impaired is an independent non-profit-organisation founded in 1935. With more than 4.300 members, it is Austria’s oldest and largest self-help organisation to improve the conditions and standards of living of its clients. The Hilfsgemeinschaft is almost entirely funded by donations and voluntary financial contributions which are also tax-deductible. In 2001, we were awarded the Austrian seal of approval for donations (“Österreichsiches Spendengütesiegel”).
The membership in the Hilfsgemeinschaft is free of charge for blind or visually impaired clients offering access to a broad variety of services, which are even complimentary at times.

axes4 is a Swiss IT company located in Zurich. We are focused on document accessibility and are dedicated to build software and deliver services that empower you to monitor, provide, and get a grip on PDF accessibility.
Main products and services are axesPDF for Word, a Word-AddIn for the creation of PDF/UA documents, axesPDF QuickFix, a professional evaluation and remediation tool, axesPDF Sense, a solution for monitoring  amounts of PDF files, a tagging and template service for the creation of accessible PDF documents as well as training and consulting in all fields of PDF accessibility for content creators, organizations and developers. The globally used PDF Accessibility Checker PAC is based on axes4 technology.
axes4 is a member of the PDF Association as well as a member of the PDF/UA Competence Center. We are engaged in the relevant global PDF accessibility standardization working groups and significantly involved in the working group on the revision of the PDF techniques for the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.1.  We are committed to the creation of the IAAP Chapter D-A-CH, because we want to promote the professionalization of digital accessibility, encourage global networking and anchor our topic more strongly in the economy, politics and society.

Stuttgart Media University (HdM) is a university of applied sciences with a specific focus on media and their applications. Research topics are manifold, and centred on the various applications, opportunities and implications of modern digital media, including future directions of digital media and user interaction, gaming and game design, artificial intelligence in context of user and robot interaction, digital ethics and digital media law. HdM has approximately 5.000 students and 450 paid staff members. HdM also offers courses for professional development on various topics around digital media.
We see the competence in digital accessibility as an important skill set of our students for their future careers. With the D-A-CH chapter of IAAP and its certification program, we can align scientific education and industry needs for accessible design. Also, a strong professional association on digital accessibility is a big motivator for our students to invest into this topic.

The Institute on Inclusive Studying (IIS) as part of the Computer Science Department at Johannes Kepler Universität Linz (JKU) focusses on R&D and education in eAccessibility and Assistive Technology (AT). IIS also runs the Service Centre for Students and Colleagues with Disabilities at campus. After 3 decades of awareness raising and pioneering R&D it is now that eAccessibiltiy and AT reaches the social and business mainstream in Europe. This demands for a strong interest group that application will be in line with the developed technical standards and solutions as well as the fundamental scientific, social-economic and legal foundations.

The German association of blind and visually impaired students and professionals (Deutscher Verein der Blinden und Sehbehinderten in Studium und Beruf e.V. - DVBS) is a national self-help organization of blind and visually impaired people. With their disability and despite of it, the members of DVBS seek to achieve independent living and success in their professional lives. The accredited nonprofit organization is based in Marburg/Lahn.
The main goals of DVBS are to promote self-help and to represent the interests of people with disabilities in a social, professional, cultural and legal context. Whether the disability is congenital or acquired later in life, with DVBS every blind or visually impaired person finds support and empowerment through networking, counselling and exchange of information. As a community, DVBS in itself is a powerful force that works together with authorities in all relevant areas, such as politics, further education and welfare on a national and international level.

Chapter Events

M-Enabling Forum Europe - October 7, 2021
The third edition of M-Enabling Forum Europe in Germany will take place alongside REHACARE in Düsseldorf on October 07, 2021. The conference with its accompanying tabletop presentation is organized by E.J. Krause & Associates, Inc. and G3ict (Global Initiative for Inclusive Information and Communication Technologies). G3ict was established by the United Nations to implement the equal, barrier free participation and the unrestricted access to information and communication technology for everyone worldwide. 

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